Working as a support team in game dev is no less exciting than being a developer!

The cleric is crucial in assisting the entire team, just like in the game.


The Talent Department manages the employee cycle from recruitment to exit while prioritizing employee well-being and preventing burnout. They oversee learning and development, grading and career path, compensation and benefits, administration, policies and regulations, and socialization for all employees. The department also communicates the company’s vision, goals, and culture to improve employee satisfaction and performance.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

Agate values its people as its most valuable asset, so the Talent Department plays a crucial role in maintaining our crew’s well-being and promoting their development. Balancing innovation with structure and regulation is a unique challenge in the game industry. The department creates improvement programs and ensures fair treatment and appropriate support for all crews. Our goal is to provide a healthy and comfortable work environment that supports all crew needs to produce the best output.

The Challenges

To this day, Indonesian people still underestimate the game industry, with many candidates hesitating to join during the recruitment stage due to the lack of knowledge and formal education that teaches game development. To address this, the Talent Department raises awareness of working in the industry and initiates programs like the Agate Academy to encourage future game developers.
We also prioritize the rights and obligations of every member of the Agate team. Our department is responsible for ensuring that every crew member understands the company culture, policies, and messages.

The Growth

In the Talent Department, new hires are immediately involved in basic operations and receive hands-on training with actual cases. They update databases and address crew well-being with simple issues. New members are introduced to the department’s activities and divisions, with leads accompanying them during their first week.
As they gain experience, they handle more complex strategy, decision-making, and risk management tasks. Team members attend HR partnership events to expand their knowledge and network and communicate with developers to understand the game development process.

What Does It Take to Join the Talent Department?

We seek individuals with strong written and verbal communication skills as they will interact with the crew and external parties. Diplomacy and objectivity are crucial for the team in dealing with people. Technical proficiency in tools like Ms. Office is also required.

The department provides a forum for the crew and offers clear action plans and solutions, making problem-solving skills necessary. Agate values the crew’s aspirations and opinions, and the talent team assists them with issues that align with Agate’s core values.

Innovations, Improvements, Achievements

We conduct a monthly well-being checkup program for crews to maintain their well-being and support their work productivity. Additionally, we provide team-building activities for each team member to build relationships and interactions outside work. The Office sub-division of the Talent team provides office facilities for all crew members. To view Agate’s office, Click here 

Agate offers development programs for all crew members, regular sharing sessions for trainees to assist in their adaptation, and leadership-sharing sessions for regular crew members to improve their skills. We also collect crew reviews to maintain a record of their work, which will be used for the crew review process later. To learn more about Agate’s talent development program, Click here.


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