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The Design and Writing Department is a place for creative-minded people to assemble and channel their ideas into game masterpieces.


Our department works on designing various types of games with a combination of creative mindsets and each crew’s forte. That way, we can create a unique game design that meets all the requirements and needs while still providing the best quality experience for the players. Agate’s Design and Writing Department consists of experienced and talented designers and writers who work on the design of the game mechanics, narrative, system, technical, user research, balancing, UX, story, and last but not least, making a Game Design Document.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

The Design and Writing Department comprises a dedicated writers and designers team. As designers, we strive to deliver a gaming experience with concepts creatively planned with other development teams. We are usually the first ones to do the task in the quest. Meanwhile, as writers, we try to deliver the experience to the player using beautifully crafted words—grammar, enjoyability, comfortability, and the expression of sentences are our forte.

The Challenges

Designers and writers are at the forefront of collaboration and innovation. However, with so many creative issues to tackle, designers and writers must be able to choose which problems to solve without losing the vision. Also, by focusing on what’s important, trusting the process, and collaborating with other development roles in the team, you’ll be able to deliver excellent experiences to your users.

Everyone on the team has the same goal in mind: to create extraordinary products, but sometimes conflicts may arise due to different skill sets and perspectives. Here is when skillful designers & writers are needed to harness their team’s creativity and perspective rather than shooting them down.

The Growth

In Design and Writing Department, we have many programs which will support our crew’s life and career in Agate. Gathering Touchpoint is a program we have to support and nurture their leadership growth (and to gather all designers and do something together). We also provide a grade-up review for those who want to be promoted. To ensure our team can expand their knowledge, our department provides learning resources and external resources access manager. Last but not least, we provide GTE access (Go to Expert), access to experts in each design domain who would gladly help you with advice for your problems.

What Does It Take to Join the Design and Writing Department?

Designers and writers are responsible for coherent and effective products—particularly on mechanics, features, and levels. As a designer and writer, a person is required to own relevant knowledge of the design and writing process to ensure the outcome fits the user’s aesthetics desire and is technically feasible.

To communicate ideas and concepts well, we are also looking for candidates who can be effective collaborators with excellent communication skills and teamwork. Furthermore, owning versatile problem-solving skills is also essential for overcoming problems during the creative process. Those proficient in game design, UX/UI, and User/Audience research can be a plus too!

Tools & Technology

Notion. so 
Notion. so is a great working and documentation app. With multiple tools and features, most basic management and database work can be done quickly.

Microsoft Office Excel

No spreadsheet can be as simple and as good as Excel. MS Excel provides designers with an accessible database and analysis tool that can be used to create estimations and calculations.


A collaborated and centralized communication tool is what Miro is. Miro provides us with pre-built templates for brainstorming, creating diagrams, or simple project management that is easy to edit. 

There’s nothing more difficult for a designer than balancing their game. Machination can instantly show you the estimation and probability of your game economies and systems. It can also track and simulate every number of the game from start to finish and find the result within seconds.

Who doesn’t know this excellent game engine? This tool can cover both 2D and 3D games easily. Even so, a good amount of programming skills is needed if you want to use this tool. A little help from your fellow programmer, perhaps?

Unreal Engine 4
This tool provides a great visual scripting feature, which is easy to understand for designers. Its level design tools are more convenient since we can edit the mesh directly in the engine by default. Managing data for game designers and narrative designers is also helped by Unreal’s user-friendly data tables instead of filling data in a JSON.

The Adobe (XD, PS, etc.)
Some people think that most Adobe products are exclusively for artists. However, Adobe products are great for helping designers to give a visual idea to everyone on the team and provide more leeway to express our ideas.

Vacancy ON design and writing DEPARTMENTS

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