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In the Support Department, we aim to provide the best deliverables to our internal clients. Our department consists of the Finance, Corporate, and Legal division. We collaborate with various functional teams across the organization, working on strategic deals and partnerships, intellectual property, and fundraising. As a team, we build and nourish trusted relationships to ensure positive outcomes for Agate and our partners.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

In the Support Department, we have talented people that specialize in different fields. Our Finance division provides visibility and forecasting of the company’s economic performance. In addition, we are responsible for safeguarding our company’s assets, collaborating with operational leaders, and ensuring we practice good governance. Our Corporate division aims to help Agate achieve its vision and mission while realizing shareholders’ growth expectations. On the other hand, the Legal division works to ensure Agate’s actions are legal and in compliance with the law.

The Challenges

In the Finance division, we embark on an essential role in the company’s decision-making process. We are responsible for looking beyond the data to provide accurate and reliable information to help determine the company’s strategy and decisions. Moreover, the Corporate division needs to ensure the management rhythm is running well for the system across all departments. Meanwhile, the Legal division takes on the challenge of understanding and adapting to the ever-changing business model and regulations.

The Growth

Our crews in the Support Department get a chance unlike no other! Since we work directly with our CEO, we get more opportunities to learn and gain insights from our CEO herself. More than that, the Support Department also offers internship opportunities for core leadership development. 

What Does It Take to Join the Support Department?

The Support Department seeks people with excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong analytical thinking skills. In addition, since our scope of work is ever-changing, individuals who are proactive and highly adaptable to the dynamic environment are highly valued. Last but not least, we are also looking for people with an excellent understanding of finance, corporate, and legal fields.

Innovations, Improvements, Achievements

The Support department’s biggest achievement was when we successfully managed and closed fundraising in December 2020. That, along with our team’s excellent financial management, has contributed to Agate’s growth to this point. Our team also continuously ensures that Agate is fulfilling all legal obligations. The Legal division helps guarantee the fulfillment of the crews’ and shareholders’ rights. 

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