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The Tech Department is in charge of all technology-related services and support in Agate. Our team consists of many talented engineering forces with different specialties. We work together toward the same goal: to implement the best technological capability and advancements in Agate.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

In the Tech Department, we march towards our vision to be equipped with world-class technology and crews. We strive to ensure Agate’s technology and crews are on par with the world. Ultimately, providing all the technological capabilities and bringing a game design to life are our finesses.

Our department is a place for the brightest talents with various roles and functions: the Programmer team who develops the game by turning concepts into an actual playable game; the Engineer team who ensures the game is stable after launch; the Tech Management who pushes through technological boundaries and accelerates the growth of all Tech crew; and the Research team who explore new technology to find the best implementation for the company standards.


The Challenges

As technology advances, there are many challenges that we need to tackle. It is because new technological improvements also mean new possibilities to explore. Tech crews are expected to keep up their knowledge and skills with the changing trends. We are also constantly working to tackle the diversity in technology by encouraging our crews to always hone their skills in different fields.

The Growth

In the Tech Department, we provide technical training sessions for our crews to keep improving their skills. To excel in their daily quests, we provide access to experts from various fields to mentor our crews. Placing the right person for the right task is also essential for us. We value our crew’s expertise and aspiration by allowing them to work on projects that give them the most challenge and growth. More than that, we facilitate a learning path for our crew to guide them in mastering new skills in certain expertise.

What Does It Take to Join the Tech Department?

As a programmer, our main responsibility is not to write codes but to provide solutions for problems. And often, the answer can be found by communicating technical aspects to the stakeholders. Hence, the best candidate for our department should be an excellent communicator with a strong understanding of programming fundamentals and a wide range of knowledge in various technology fields. In addition, individuals with strong analytical skills that can provide effective and efficient solutions for complex problems are highly valued.

Tools & Technology

Game Engine

(Unity, Unreal, PhaserJS, BabylonJS)

Game engines have libraries of programs that help developers to make their games playable on the platform they want. Game engines also help developers create visuals and sounds used in games.

Version Control

(Git, Perforce)

Version Control is software for distributed version control systems: tracking changes in any set of files, coordinating work among programmers, and collaboratively developing source code during software development.

Multiplayer Engine

(Photon Fusion, Photon Quantum)

The Multiplayer Engine is used by developers to create a multiplayer environment where players can compete or play with other players.

Backend Framework

(Net Core)

A Backend Framework is a must-have for developers. It helps us in developing a robust and modular backend service.

Web Framework

(ReactJS, NextJS)

This application is used by front-end developers to create a game’s User Interface (UI), like menu arrangements, Heads-up Display (HUD), etc.

Brainstorming & Documentation

(Notion, Miro,

Programmers use these to help the brainstorming process and the documentation process for references.


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