Talent Development Program

Our version of great workplace: having lots of Epic Crews in pursuit of ambitious common goals together. On those environments, we learn the most, perform our best, improve the fastest, and happiest at work!

Meritocracy-based Advancement ​

We value meritocracy. How impactful we are based on our contribution, competence (capability), and culture alignment (attitude) considered as the basis of advancement in Agate. We model ourselves on being a team, not a family. There are no seniority, but reward and consequences to be fair. Whether crew are committed for a long time or currently joined, if crew shown great capability or growth, attitude, and contributed well; then, you deserve more advancement, opportunities, and rewards.

Leveling Up Together

Our crews are independent learner. To support that, we create system to leveling up crews’ skills in technical aspects, soft skill, or leadership. We provide learning materials crews’ needed (Skillshare, Udemy, GDC Vault, Masterclass, e-books), pairing crew with suitable mentor, set up own Personal Development Goals, knowledge sharing session, and have Go-to-Expert program, and many more. 

Career Path & Grade Up System

It is important to acknowledge each crew’s potentials and strengths, whether as individual contributor, specialist, or generalist. We continue to established the suitable career path for each role in every department, while crews are encouraged to be more proactive in terms of own promotions (Grade Up). If your skills are not fully utilized in a role, you might be fit in other roles. 

Continuous Feedback

We work collaboratively, not transactional. We should know what we do best, what to improve, and what should we start to become a great team member. Therefore, feedback should aim to assist and actionable. Care intensely about fellow crews by communicate frequently, aligning objectives, giving or receiving timely feedback, and respect each other is a part of a great teamwork. 

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We created a narrative in which Atma became more and more involved with humanity while staying true to the myths and legends they hailed from.

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