Working as a support team in game dev is no less exciting than being a developer!

The cleric is crucial in assisting the entire team, just like in the game.


For the most part, Talent Department focuses on working on the employee cycle—from recruitment & selection, talent branding, training & onboarding to exit interviews and analysis. The talent team also needs to ensure our crew’s well-being and minimize their burnout factors. In addition, we also work on learning and development, grading system and career path, compensation, benefits, administration, company policies and regulations, socialization, and implementation of policies for all employees.

Our department is also responsible for meeting our crew’s and company’s needs. On a bigger scale, we are the ones who must be able to communicate the company’s vision, goal, and culture to all crews, so that all Agate crews can improve and feel comfortable working at the company.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

Agate isn’t just about the game we produce but also the people behind it. Our crews are our most valuable asset, and that’s where the Talent Department takes part. In contrast to the conventional industry, the game industry has unique challenges with human resources. We must balance dynamic and innovative ideas over structure regulations. Other than that, we are also working on maintaining our crew’s well-being and developing improvement initiatives. It is also essential for us to create improvement programs and ensure all crews receive fair treatment and appropriate support. We aim to support our crews for all their needs so that they can produce the best output in a healthy and comfortable work environment.

The Challenges

After years of experience working on human resources in the industry, we’ve discovered that Indonesian people often still underestimate the game industry. For example, during the initial selection or recruitment process, most people still hesitated to work in the game industry. Moreover, the lack of formal education that supports game development limits the availability of human resources to work in the game industry.

The Talent Department strives to spread awareness of how to work in the game industry and explain what we do. We also carry out other initiatives to grow the ecosystem of future game developer candidates, such as creating the Agate Academy program (click on the academy page).

Our journey doesn’t just stop at the recruitment process. We need to ensure every Agate crew knows and understands their rights and obligations. Talent Department is responsible for ensuring that each crew’s rights are upheld and that the entire crew understands the message, policy, and company culture—including a considerable number of crews with various personalities.

The Growth

In the Talent Department, new crew will usually be involved in basic operational matters immediately. We do hands-on training with actual cases. For example, they will update databases (in talent development, recruitment, etc.) and follow up crew’s well-being with simple issues.

In the beginning, we will introduce the flow and overview of activities within the Talent Department based on the divisions. Then, our leads will accompany new crews during their first week. Our Talent team members will be given tasks related to strategy, improvement, higher-impact decision-making, or handling more complex cases. That way, we are already familiar with participating in the operational domain, so we can develop ourselves to be wiser in strategic planning, improvement, and decision-making. In addition, our team members are equipped with the skills to anticipate future risks both inside the company and on the field.

Agate also gets invitations to various HR partnership events. There, we send our team members so that they get the chance to expand their knowledge and network. As a bonus, our team members will also understand the overview of the game development process because they will communicate a lot with the developers.

What Does It Take to Join the Talent Department?

The Talent Department is looking for people with assertive communication skills, both written and verbal. Since every aspect of work in the Talent Department will relate to the crew and other parties, communication is a primary skill for our members. The Talent team must convey things diplomatically and objectively and deal with people. Technical skills and mastery of basic tools such as Ms. Office have also become the talent team’s utmost skills.

Here, we don’t just provide a forum for our crews but also provide a clear action plan and solution for the initiatives taken. That’s why problem-solving skills are very much needed to join our department. Moreover, all operational activities in the Talent Department will be directly related to other people, internally and externally. Agate is also very open to the aspirations or opinions of the crew. The talent team should be able to assist the crews with issues they are having—as long as they are not personal and may still be supported. We strive to create an open and welcoming work environment and ensure it adheres to Agate’s core values of Positivity, Collaboration, Excellence, and Level-Up. View Agate culture by clicking here

Innovations, Improvements, Achievements

Talent Department holds a well-being checkup program to check the condition of Agate’s crew every month. The program aims to ensure each crew can maintain their well-being and support their work productivity. With this program, we can monitor the crew’s well-being and help address and resolve their issues more quickly and effectively. Also, to support the well-being program, Talent Department has a team-building program for each team member to do activities outside work and build closeness and interaction between them. One of the sub-divisions of the Talent team, Office, provides office facilities that all Agate’s crews can enjoy. Click here to view the Agate office.

In Agate, we provide development programs for all crews. The Talent Department holds regular sharing sessions for our trainees to assist their adaptation period at Agate. As for our regular crews, we conduct leadership-sharing sessions for them to keep leveling up. We also collect a series of crew reviews to ensure that all crews have a track record of their work which will be used to facilitate their crew review process later. Click here to see more about the talent development program at Agate.


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