Started in 2009
as a humble game studio,

Agate International has grown to be the leading game development company in Indonesia.

We offer meaningful play experience as the core of our products — ranging from happiness from mobile games to business solutions that utilize fun.

Over the years, we have created over 50 titles on Android, iOs, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. We have also crafted over 250 gamified business solutions for 150+ clients worldwide — applying our expertise in the fields of game mechanics, motivation, and engagement into the field of recruitment, training, and assessment.

Agate offers services for those who look to venture into the next evolution of tech: the metaverse. Start your metaverse journey with the support of our experienced designers, developers, and creators.

More Than


Gamified Business Solutions


Bringing people together through meaningful play.


To lead the Indonesian game industry forward into global prominence.

board of directors agate

Our Culture

In Agate, we pride ourselves on being a highly-efficient team, consisting of highly effective collaborators that are extraordinary at what they do.

We believe every crew member is someone to respect and learn from, and we always encourage everyone to actively express concerns and offer solutions — regardless of rank or experience. By fostering this line of thinking, there’s no limit to learning and growth, both as a crew member or as a team.

Our Core Value


We’re fostering a positive work environment through ownership, accountability, and responsibility.


We’re building a collaborative working culture with empathy, assertiveness, and unity at its core.


We’re aiming for excellence in our work through mindfulness.


We’re focusing on leveling up at work by welcoming curiosity, embracing changes, and supporting each other.

Core Principle

Our goal is to inspire crews, not tell them how to work.

In Agate, we believe everyone in our crew is skilled in their craft, and works best at their own way of working. We encourage our crews through creative freedom and empowerment — giving everyone lots of agency, power, and information to support their endeavor.

Decisions are based on knowledge, not on the majority. 

In Agate, we don’t wait for consensus for decision-making, but we put our emphasis on being informed about the decision. If a decision-maker is reasonably confident of their choice, we will support them. Regardless of the decision, we will reflect on the impact together and use it as an opportunity to learn and improve future decision-making. 

Disagreements are to be discussed, but decisions are to be respected.  

In Agate, disagreements are to be brought up and discussed. With discussions, different views and concerns from crew members could be addressed, understood, and considered in decision-making. However, we expect everyone to commit to the final decision to make it as successful as possible.

Lead by providing context, not by controlling.  

In Agate, we want every crew member to be great independent decision-makers. Rather than controlling the crew members, leaders are expected to provide context and let crew members make decisions. By giving appropriate context, leaders could help crew members make great decisions. 

Everyone understands the ultimate goal, but everyone can work on it independently.

We aim to reach alignment on a strategic level, and we trust everyone to do their part with those strategies in mind. We believe that this approach allows everyone to work efficiently with their preferred way of working and with minimal interference. 

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Chief People Officer

Vice President of Consumer Product

Vice President of Enterprise Product

Vice President of Marketing, Sales, & Operations

cipto adiguno vice president VP of consumer product agate

Cipto Adiguno

Vice President of Consumer Product

lee marvin vice president VP enterprise product agate

Lee Marvin

Vice President of Enterprise Product

vincentius hening w. ismawan vice president vp of marketing sales operations mso agate

Vincentius Hening

Vice President of Marketing, Sales, & Operations

antonny liem

Budiman Goh

Hutama Pastika


Rhesa Surya Atmadja


Jusuf Sjariffudin

Langer Lee

advisor 5


advisor 6


Rhesa Surya Atmadja

Our Team

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