Talent Development Programs: How We Support Our Crews’ Growth in Agate

In Agate, we strive to be better at growing our crews to the next level. That’s why we support our crews’ growth by providing various Talent Development programs. Let’s take a look at our programs!

Performance Management

To ensure we give every crew the same treatment and chances, we uphold the system of meritocracy. Meritocracy is a system that assesses individuals based on their competency and cultural alignment. We conduct a periodic review to assess their soft skills, technical skills, and cultural alignment in the company. We aim to give crews fair rewards and feedback continuously for our crews.

Leadership Review

Not only for the crews, but we also conduct a review for all the leaders and managers in Agate. The reviewers consist of direct reports, peers, direct leaders, and crews from other departments working with them.

Learning Materials

Aligning with our core value to level up, we always strive to support our crews to improve their skills. We facilitate them by giving them access to learning materials requests across various platforms and formats.

Career Path & Grade Up Session

Here, crews have the right to always grow for their career path. We provide an opportunity for crews to get promoted. They can submit a grade-up request to their leaders and head departments.

PDP (Personal Development Program)

Agate’s leaders and mentors also get hands-on with our crews’ development. One example is when our crews need guidance or advice to track their development skills plan. Personal Development Program is a program that allows every crew to level up with guidance given by their leaders.

Overall, the result of this program impacts our crews’ well-being, especially for fairness, growth, and reward.

What do our leaders think about the Talent Development programs?

All Talent Development programs are created from crews and for crews. We’re always open to listening to our crews’ needs in their career milestones.

Our programs are created to fully support our crews’ growth and needs such as providing mentors for new crews to guide and help them. Also, we’re providing access to learning materials, so it can be easier for our crews to develop both their personal and professional skills.

It’s nice to see ourselves growing along with others; I’m happy to be a part of the team that always supports others’ growth personally and professionally!

The Talent Development programs help the lead to plan the development of the crew’s career potential in the future with measurable standards and expectations, as well as finding solutions for a crew whose performance can still be improved. Similarly, the leaders are graded with a 360-degree grading system to prevent subjectivity and ensure all crews, including leaders, always conform with Agate values.”

Performance Management: For a company to thrive, we must ensure every crew carries their responsibility well. It’s important to acknowledge which crew performs excellently and which crews need to improve. That’s why an accurate performance management system is required.

Leadership Review: The review also goes both ways for the leaders. Every crew has the right to give an evaluation to their leaders. From there, every crew can appreciate their leaders or help identify leaders that need help. This program is the starting point of the Leadership Development series in Agate.

Learning Materials: Here, everyone has the same opportunity to learn. How quickly a person can develop in Agate will be primarily determined by how much effort the person puts in. We provide a variety of self-study materials according to the needs of the crew at Agate.

Grade Up: Crews have the right to submit an evaluation for grade-up, so we can provide a reward that matches their abilities. In addition, if a crew is not qualified to level up, they will get clear guidance about what improvements they should make to level up.

Personal Development Program: We also offer a Personal Development Program (PDP), which allows everyone to grow to be their best version. PDP is created to encourage crews to continuously improve with a more concrete target they can achieve within one to three months.

Grade Up: We provide the opportunity for crews to grade up when they think they’re ready for more responsibility. This aligns with the Meritocracy system and Level Up spirit. With a Grade-Up session, the crew can request promotion without feeling ‘pushy or ambitious.’ It is a very transparent system where people are promoted based on merit.

Career Path: We give crews choices to determine their career path and the skills needed to reach their career goals. This clarifies the learning process and helps the crew stay motivated to learn new skills.

Leadership Review: It doesn’t matter how great the company is; it’s the leaders within that matter. If there’s a bad leader, it impacts the crews under them negatively. The system of meritocracy here doesn’t only apply to crews but also all leaders. Leadership Review helps the company to identify leaders that need improvements to be better.

Performance Management: Meritocracy is a good system for fast learners and competent people. Performance Management allows the crew to showcase their capability and growth. This will help the department to identify and promote rising stars’ talent.

Personal Development Program: We appreciate people who keep learning new things and push them to be more capable. The Personal Development Program allows them to showcase their growth, so we can give them the opportunity to match their aspirations.

Learning Materials: Some learning materials are not accessible because they’re locked behind a paywall. Also, the paid version is sometimes far better than the free version; by providing free access to those materials, we help our crews’ learning speed significantly.

All in all, our crews’ growth is our priority. With these programs, we aim to create a comfortable workplace for our crew to level up and unlock their full potential.

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