Leading the Way: The Role of Leadership in Agate

Leadership is one of the most critical factors determining a company’s success. Effective leadership will inspire and motivate crews, encourage collaboration, drive innovation, and navigate challenges. A good leader sets the tone for the entire team and creates a culture that values teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement. In this fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, leadership isn’t just about managing people and empowering them to achieve their full potential. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of leadership in Agate. But before we begin, let’s take a look at the number of leaders in Agate!


Leaders Responsibility

Leaders play a crucial role in supporting their team to achieve common objectives that align with the overall strategy of Agate. Activities performed by leaders vary depending on the grade, ranging from ensuring timelines and quality of work by expectations, helping team members solve problems and obstacles in daily work, coordinating with other stakeholders, managing team allocation and workload, creating policies with a specific scope, creating and maintaining OKRs, strategic planning, evaluation, and others.

Senior leadership refers to the leaders who hold the highest-level positions and are responsible for guiding the company’s overall direction. They’re responsible for supervising multiple department heads, a broader scope than typical department heads. Their duties include creating long-term plans and evaluations, covering a 3-5 year period, and evaluating the impact on the company.

Leadership Program


Every six months, all leads will undergo a review process that involves evaluation by their superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

Development Program

Leadership Sharing Session
The Head of Departments or other Senior Leadership members conduct the session, which covers various general competencies such as time management, strategic thinking, and assertive communication. The session is available to all leaders interested in attending, including C-level executives, VPs, Senior Specialists, Producers, Product Managers, and Managers.

Leadership Intensive Coaching
This is an ongoing program that collaborates with the Agate Academy team to identify the strengths and areas of improvement for potential and existing leaders. They will be paired with other leaders who can act as coaches to help them develop the necessary skills. For example, Lead A, who excels in numbers but needs to enhance their public speaking abilities, will be matched with Lead B, who has exceptional public speaking skills but needs to improve in numbers. Through this coaching process, participants can schedule sessions to coach each other and complement each other’s skills.

Management Trainee Sharing Session
The session is conducted by Senior Leaders, MTs who have graduated, or other MTs. The session’s content is tailored to the current tasks and challenges faced by MTs. For instance, before the bi-monthly meetings, MTs can share their experiences and discuss topics like OKRs, strategic planning, and evaluations. Additionally, the session covers general competencies that include communication, company knowledge, time management, problem-solving, and decision-making. There’s also an opportunity for MTs to participate in Q&A sessions and other activities that align with their interests.

& Development Budget

At Agate, leaders can request various learning resources, including workshops, materials, and other tools to help them grow and develop their skills. By taking advantage of these resources, leaders can continue to level up and improve their abilities, leading to better outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Trial Time
for Promotion

To ensure a smooth transition and set leaders up for success, a trial period of 6-12 months is implemented before crews are promoted to lead or before a lead is promoted to a higher grade. During this period, leaders are exposed to new challenges they will face in their new roles. This trial period allows leaders to develop new skills and gain the necessary experience to confidently and effectively fulfill their new responsibilities.

One-on-One Session

At Agate, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration is highly valued. Work is not viewed as a transactional task but rather as an opportunity for personal and professional development. To support this culture, we held 1-on-1 meetings between crews and their leaders periodically to allow crew members to discuss their work, personal growth, interests, career projections, and other topics, even those unrelated to work. These meetings are crucial in allowing leaders to practice active listening and empathy and learn how to direct and nurture their team members. By prioritizing open and honest communication, Agate can create an environment where everyone can thrive both personally and professionally.

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