If you love helping others, building relationships with many people, and providing support for your teammates, the Talent department will gladly welcome you.


The Talent department works with the most important asset of the company: the people. They maintain crews’ well-being, support and review their work performance, run recruitment & employee training, and anything in between that could improve the way our crew members work. They are expected to be good listeners, excellent communicators, and have great empathy as their driving force. 

Other than administrative aspects, the Talent department also acts as liaisons and partners of other departments. Focusing on building talent according to their career goals, they are the ones ensuring that every crew member has the best working experience in Agate. 

What does it take to join Talent Department?

  • We are working with many stakeholders, so a whole communication skill (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and good teamwork is a key. 
  • We build a data-driven team, so we ensure that our team members have good data-related skill (data literacy, processing, maintaining, analyzing, etc.). 
  • Autonomous, dependable, good at managing task and resources 
  • Problem solving skill (e.g. connecting symptom or issues to find root cause, create concept from abstract, then solve it together). 
  • Trustworthiness (we are working with confidential data) 


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Contract Type : Internship

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