Just like Centurion, the commander of a century, we command every project’s success by utilizing our resource management skills!


Our mission in the Production Department is to ensure that every project is completed correctly and on time. We manage the timeline and resources of the end-to-end production process. To guarantee we produce the best possible outcome for the product, we also check and maintain our team’s well-being. Our department values people with strong attention to detail and strong leadership to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the project’s progress and outcome.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

In the Production Department, we are responsible for ensuring that all projects’ progress is in accordance with the agreed timeline. In addition, our department prioritizes communication; we are in charge of building a bridge for the clients and the team to communicate effectively and efficiently. For the project’s success, we manage the time, manpower, and budgets to ensure our team can work well together. Above all, we strive to create a comfortable environment for our crews to thrive to their full potential.

The Challenges

Being in the Production Department comes with exciting challenges. One of them is to find and manage the right workforce from various departments—especially when a force majeure situation causes a workforce shortage when a deadline must be met quickly. As the budget sets the project’s financial blueprint, it is also a part of our responsibility to manage the proper budget and time according to the production requirements. And most importantly, we must be able to make the best decision with the client if the requests do not match the available resources.

The Growth

In the Production Department, we ensure every crew gets to work well together in the team. To make that happen, we provide gatherings for our crews to strengthen their bonds and share many exciting stories and experiences. Also, if they face any issue during their work, we always work together to find solutions through the Producer Sharing Session, which is held every two weeks. There are also knowledge-sharing sessions for our crews to constantly learn new things and improve to be the best version of themselves.

What Does It Take to Join the Production Department?

To manage resources for multiple projects in Agate, we are looking for candidates who are masters in allocating manpower and resources. Moreover, we are looking for people with leadership skills to closely monitor ongoing projects, current clients, required sources, and expectations. Our department supports various product development processes, so our crews need good attention to detail and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Those who possess good communication skills and understand the overall project pipeline are also highly valued in our department.

Improvements, Innovations, and Achievements

The Production Department conducts a biweekly sharing session for the crews to keep learning to level up. The sharing sessions cover a wide range of topics that will benefit the crews’ day-to-day tasks. It allows them to gain insights and learn more about soft and hard skills related to game development.

We give the crews in our department opportunities to level up by attending international events. In October 2022, some of our crews participated in Level Up KL—Southeast Asia’s premier industry event for game developers. It was an event aimed at recognizing and celebrating the creativity, artistry, and technical genius of the finest game developers from the Southeast Asian and International video game industry. Attending the Level Up KL gave them more insights into the game industry and allowed them to gain connections worldwide.


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