Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application

Is this your first time applying as a Game Producer? Or are you already a Game Producer ready to step up your game? Here’s an insider leak on recruitment tips for how to excel in your application as a Game Producer in Indonesia’s leading game company – in a simple brief!

First and foremost, you should know how the recruitment process works in a game company, especially in Agate. Our recruitment consists of several steps, including portfolio screening, technical tests, and interviews. As our candidate for Game Producer, you’ll need to go through all of these stages.

Game Producers are the ones who make sure development is on track and on time. Therefore, they need a wide range of technical and managerial knowledge—and they also need to know how to showcase that knowledge to a recruiter and users. In this article, we highlight several things to do when applying as a Game Producer:


A portfolio is the first thing you might not realize has a significant value as a game producer. It would help if you built an impressive portfolio whether you are a starter, associate, or senior-level producer. A portfolio can help you to explain your previous project, such as how long you led the project and how big you handled the team. In addition, you can describe what scope you are doing in the past project.

Other things you can highlight in your portfolio are the problem you encountered in your previous projects and how you overcame the challenges. You can also share your last postmortem project (if any), so you can give a short preview of the result of your work in previous projects.

Technical Test

The technical test process is one of the steps you must go through as a part of the recruitment process. While a portfolio is needed as a part of the screening process, this stage aims to assess your mastery of specific skills needed as a Game Producer. In addition, in this stage, you must show how extensive your knowledge is because game producers must understand the end-to-end game development process.

The technical test you need to work on might differ on the expertise required for the company. But one thing is for sure, recruiters and users value highly how broad your knowledge is. So show your knowledge and skills in the technical test given. In addition, during the technical test, you need to provide a strong impression and reason why you are the right person to be a game producer.


The interview stage is the most crucial stage you need to excel in the recruitment process. You can look at our previous Recruitment Tips and Tricks: Do’s and Don’ts in An Interview to give you a simple guide to stand out in your interview. But how do you outshine other candidates as a game producer in the interview process?

In game producer interview, you’ll be asked about your knowledge, skill, and expertise in game development. You also need to highlight your experience in a field that might be related, such as project management and managerial experience. Another thing our user addresses in the interview is that a game producer needs to be straightforward about what they do and don’t understand game development. We value producers’ honesty, even when you don’t know a certain aspect of game development.

We’re hiring! Are you ready to follow our recruitment tips for your game producer application? Head to Game Producer Role to start your application process.