Career Transition From Project Manager To Game Producer

If you have a career transition from Project Manager to Game Producer, what do you have in mind? While working as a Producer might confuse you in many related fields from movies, music, television, and even games, there’s something you might also associate with this role in the technology field. You also might be familiar with the other “Jack of all trades” in the area. Can you guess? Yes, it’s the Project Manager.

Between Project Manager and Game Producer, what do they have in common?

A Project Manager and a Game Producer share the same goal. They both work to ensure the project (whether it’s an app or a game) is delivered as scheduled, on budget, and within the expected scope. We call this a project management triangle. So, we can say that both have similar duties in team building, breakdown tasks, and distributing each assignment to the team member. They also acquire people, budgeting, time management, and communication skills.

Then, what is the difference?

Both roles are different regarding the additional skills dan knowledge. Game Producers are more specified in the creative industry, which involves 2D-3D art and music component production. In comparison, Project Managers are more on the general side of expertise, such as focusing on accountability, progress monitoring, and resource management. More specifically, a Game Producer needs knowledge and hands-on experience in game development, including live ops. In addition, compared to the Project Manager’s ability to fulfill its app features and usability, Game Producer Producers must succeed in building a core loop in a game that is fun to play.

Career transition from Project Manager to Game Producer

If you are a Project Manager, have you ever wondered about transitioning to Game Producer?

Opportunities for a Project Manager to be a Game Producer are wide open. If you are interested in mastering the game development process, then it’s your chance. You don’t need to specialize in a particular aspect as a Game Producer. Instead, you can learn much expertise such as illustration, UI assets, game design, etc.

The working culture will be the most exciting if you have a passion for the creative industry (we’re talking about games!). As a Game Producer that wants to deliver joy to its users, we work in a fun working environment to maintain creative culture throughout the company. Game Producers also work to test in-game mechanics and often find unexpected things that are unique and funny. Working to explore a game that you develop is a pleasure in itself.

As Project Manager and Game Producer have overlapping similarities, both role has the same skills that are required for their job, which is:

  • Progress Monitoring
  • Resource Management
  • Accountability
  • Detail Oriented
  • Team Building
  • Task Breakdown
  • Task Distribution
  • Timeline Projection
  • Budgeting
  • Project Delivery

Even though they share a certain amount of differences, in Agate, Project Managers and Game Producers are both considered to be Game Producers in their entirety. If you are interested to have a career transition from Project Manager to a Game Producer in Agate, head to Game Producer role.

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