Go Deeper As a Game Producer: Skills and Tools You Needed

In the past few articles (see our Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application or Being a Game Producer: Perks and Challenges), we’ve talked about Game Producers and the importance of this role. To ensure that our games are released on time, we need someone to manage the team and keep track of the development process—and that’s where Game Producers came in!

Game Producers, the all-seeing eye of development, are responsible for overseeing everything in the course of action. They manage production schedules and plans for the team and ensure those are followed and adhered to. In addition, producers let everyone on the team know about the upcoming steps and goals they’re trying to reach. From the development and production stages, Game Producers must also guide their teams to maintain a shared design, artistic, and technical vision.

Game Producers are strategic thinkers. With a deep understanding of the process, they can devise long-term and backup plans if something doesn’t work out—making sure no team loses direction. With their pragmatic and tactical leadership, they manage the team to be successfully released the games for gamers all over the world. From knowing the what, when, and who and coming up with solutions, Game Producers made it happen.

Game Producer

What are essential skills for a Game Producer?

Leadership Skill

A Game Producer needs to act as a team player that will lead a team of talented programmers, artists, designers, and QA to reach a common goal. So, leadership skill is the essential skill a game producer should have.

Project Management Skill

To be involved in game development from end to end, a Game Producer could keep track of everything in the project: the schedules, the stakeholders, the objectives, and so on. A Game Producer should be familiar with project management methods and tools.

Communication Skill

Being an expert communicator is a must skill that Game Producers should have. A Game Producer must be great at listening, giving feedback, and preventing ambiguity within the team’s scope and external stakeholders.

Problem Solving Skill

Things never go 100% as planned. Therefore, problem-solving plays a massive part in the game producer’s role. A Game Producer must be able to identify, plan, strategize, and develop creative and effective solutions for every situation encountered.

Game Design, Art, and Programming Knowledge

A game Producer is not practically involved in the game design process from scratch or the game programming and artwork. Even so, a Game Producer needs to be knowledgeable about the game design and development pipeline. So with a little bit of understanding of everything, Game Producers need to understand the game design and development pipeline to support and direct their team.

What Tools Do Game Producers Utilize?

Game Producers need tools to help them plan and monitor their team activities to support their day-to-day work. They use three main tools: Notion, Office Tools, and Trello. Most routine management and database tasks will be more swiftly and efficiently with the help of these tools. In addition, you can use different features on the app simultaneously to support each other.

If you think you have what it takes, head up to our vacant Game Producers role and shoot your shot!

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