Recruitment Tips and Tricks: Career Types in the Game Industry

career tyoes in the video game industry

The rapid growth of the game industry in the past years proves that gaming is one of the promising industries in the future. Undoubtedly, many professions have emerged in the game industry today. Thus, making a career in the gaming industry sounds quite tempting. Are you curious about the career types in the game industry?

As Indonesia’s leading game company, Agate has several types and categories of career types that our crews undertake. These several career types aim to meet the demand for a diverse workforce in the video game industry.

Our Recruiter, Hanifah Oktarina Arief, and our HR Generalist Kemas Rahmat Mubarrak will give you other recruitment tips and tricks, specifically about career types in Agate.

Hopefully, these recruitment tips and tricks will provide you with an understanding of the path you want to pursue. Are you ready to join the game industry? Agate is hiring! Take a look at our open job roles here: Agate is hiring!

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