If you’re a meticulous person who loves organizing, feels at home with data and reports, loves improving things, and is skilled in the financial field, then the Finance department could be a great place for you! 


In running a business, financial matters are an important benchmark of performance, and those who work in Finance are the ones keeping a close eye to make sure how Agate is doing. Our Finance division keeps track of our incomes and spending, making sure taxes are handled in a timely manner, and keeping records as a reference for future decision-making processes. They are expected to be highly organized, have a great eye for details, and can work with deadlines. 

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A Product Manager is a versatile and flexible role, because the daily tasks of a Product Manager will be different depending on the phase of the product. Also, becoming a Product Manager in the gaming industry means that you will need strike a balance between creativity, feasibility, and marketability in order to make that product valuable and profitable.

At the PM Support Department, we are helping Product Managers at Agate to make valuable and profitable products, by growing and developing our current Product Managers, hiring and assigning the suitable Product Managers for our products, as well as providing various services such as market & user research. At the PM Support Department, we provide PMs with various means to help them achieve great results for their products, including routine consultation sessions with the advisors of Agate, sharing sessions between PMs, and ever-expanding learning resources through various platforms including Agate’s own product, Levio.

If you seek a dynamic role, where you are required to think fast (and slow), communicating and collaborating with various roles of expertise, and everything else in-between to deliver a great product, becoming a Product Manager at Agate is the way to go.

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