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If you want to experience hands-on leadership and end-to-end ownership of a product (or parts of a product), product management is the place to be!


The Product Management Department is in charge of making valuable and profitable products for Agate and its clients. We hire, grow, and develop product management talents such as Product Managers and Data Analysts. Along with that, we also provide services, including design sprints, data analysis, and a resources bank.

What's Inside the Department

What We Do

Being in Product Management means being fully accountable for products (or parts of a product) from start to finish. With the ever-changing methodologies and theories in product management, we are open to various methods and theories as long as they are proper and well-tested. We will, however, emphasize and challenge the decisions made by the Product team. This is because we believe that good results come from good decisions and how we communicate them to the stakeholders.

The Challenges

As we take the lead in products, we must be able to bridge the client’s needs and translate them to our capability to develop the products. Our task is to communicate every development constraint—capability, timeline, and budget—to all stakeholders involved. Despite every challenge, we will ensure the developed products positively impact users.

The Growth

In Product Management, crews are required to have a thorough understanding of products, strategic thinking abilities, and leadership skills. To ensure that, Agate provides various resources for learning and research for our team to utilize. If that’s not enough, our product team can also consult directly with Agate’s Advisor to overcome the challenges they face in the field. We also facilitate competency reviews for our crews to ensure their skills and competence match their merit, role, grade, and benefits.

What Does It Take to Join the Product Management Department?

To embark on a product management role, you need to become an eager person to take ownership of the product and utilize rational thinking to make it successful. In addition, you need to be comfortable crunching numbers, researching, and objectively deciding about the product’s directions. You also need good communication and negotiation skills, as this role involves working with stakeholders from different backgrounds (tech, art, design, marketing, etc.) to make your product successful. And, of course, having deep knowledge of the product will help along the way.

Innovations, Improvements, Achievements

In Product Management Department, we innovate on a game design sprint where we are mapping the process of how to translate the client’s needs into game concepts. The game design sprint reduces the development risks by guiding the project’s direction, making the clients less likely to change the project direction. It also allows us to define our scope of work more accurately. As a result, we can utilize the game design sprint to contribute to Agate’s revenue.

What do we achieve so far?

Lokaland is a social game concept resulting from Agate’s game design sprint process.

The RnD team at Agate also created Avatar Creation Showcase only within a few months. It was feasible by utilizing the Game Design Sprint framework developed by the Product Management Department.

Our Data Analysts team managed to develop a product performance dashboard for Memories to track performance and identify improvements. As a result, the continuous improvements opened up opportunities for Memories to collaborate and expand its operation across SEA. Read News 

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Contract Type : Project Based
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