A Peek Into Design Department

The call for the design department is to manage creative and design endeavor, possesses highly creative talent that absorbs visual trend and deploy them in fresh and exciting ways.

Some sample roles we have in Agate’s design department are such:

Image Content Design Department

The team are required to create program in order to support the creative ecosystem inside our department and fostering balance of work to maintain the wellness in our culture. Another call is to recruit and allocate needed talents.

Being a part of this department means you are going to make numerous of interesting and enjoyable games. It also means you need to set your target; one needs to maintain and improve quality. Your skills will be up for challenge in many levels starting from character development to game mechanism.

If you think you can convince our recruiter and in-house member that you are capable to be in this department, check out some tips from our in-house member:

  1. Make sure you know which level you are applying for. Your working experiences will be a very much what we will be looking into.
  2. An honest and creative portfolio is very essential. Don’t overstate your previous works.
  3. Learn from your previous works and see in which case you are really compatible.
  4. Believe in your skill but stay humble. Willing to learn and accept criticism is another good point.

Head down to our vacancy list below and see which role in the design department that fits your profile. Don’t hesitate to try your best luck here with us!


Contract Type
Contract Type : Temporary
Contract Type : Temporary
Full Development
Contract Type : Regular
Finance, Corporate and Legal
Contract Type : Temporary