Career Transition From Project Manager To Game Producer

If you have a career transition from Project Manager to Game Producer, what do you have in mind? While working as a Producer might confuse you in many related fields from movies, music, television, and even games, there’s something you might also associate with this role in the technology field. You also might be familiar […]

Go Deeper As a Game Producer: Skills and Tools You Needed

In the past few articles (see our Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application or Being a Game Producer: Perks and Challenges), we’ve talked about Game Producers and the importance of this role. To ensure that our games are released on time, we need someone to manage the team and keep track of the development […]

Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application

Recruitment Tips Excel Your Game Producer Application

Is this your first time applying as a Game Producer? Or are you already a Game Producer ready to step up your game? Here’s an insider leak on recruitment tips for how to excel in your application as a Game Producer in Indonesia’s leading game company – in a simple brief! First and foremost, you […]

Being a Game Producer: Perks and Challenges

Title Text Being a Game Producer

Programmers, artists, and designers make up most of the team behind all the games we know and love. There are several distinct roles in game development: a programmer writes code; an artist produces artwork; a designer designs game concepts; and others precise positions. They all collaborate to build magnificent settings, detailed gaming mechanics, and the […]