Navigating the Game Industry: A Woman’s Perspective at Agate

As the game industry redefines itself, one woman stands at the forefront, shaping narratives and breaking stereotypes. Meet Krisnina Mahanani, a Lead Artist at Agate, affectionately known as Nina. In the male-dominated world of game design, Nina has not only found her place but has become a driving force in creating captivating visual experiences. In […]

Life At Agate: Embracing Our Company’s Culture

Have you ever wondered how a masterpiece is created by a group of diverse crews? It’s not only because of their individual skills but also their ability to collaborate and unite their efforts, resulting in greatly executed work. But how is it possible? At Agate, we believe our company culture plays a pivotal role in […]

Work-Life Balance: A Step Towards Better Crews Well-being

The gaming industry is no stranger to long hours and tight deadlines. With its endless desire for breakthroughs, it becomes a landscape of invention and dedication that frequently challenges the limits of its experts. However, beneath the exciting challenges and rewarding accomplishments lies a hidden concern: work-life balance. Now, imagine achieving a high score, not […]

Inside Agate: Office Adjustments and Homecoming Tips for Eid

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion for Muslims worldwide. As the holy month approaches, workplaces everywhere are gearing up to create an inclusive environment that allows employees to observe the month without compromising their work productivity. As a result, Agate has implemented some significant office changes to ensure an inclusive […]

More Than Just a Game: The Real-World Applications of the Super Mario Effect

Who knew that games could help us learn? It turns out that every game involves some struggle, which is just what we need for optimal learning! Learning something new can be challenging, we need to go through that trial-and-error phase until we finally reach that amazing “aha” moment. Ever wondered why we tend to give […]

When Art Meets Technology: The World of VFX and Technical Artists

At Agate, there are many specialists in the Art Department, including 2D, 3D Character, 3D Environment, Concept, Technical artists, UI, VFX Artists, and Game Animator. Each role requires a unique blend of technical know-how and creativity to produce top-notch artwork. However, two roles in the specialist focus more on technical expertise: VFX and Technical Artist. […]

Bringing Games to Life: The Process of Game Creation

Ever wonder how your favorite games are made? Or are you eager to create your own games? Well, look no further because we have got you covered! We’ll provide a thorough process of creating a game, from scratch to life! Let’s check it out! Note: The process may vary depending on the company and game […]

Unlocking Your Potential: A Guide to Empowering Leadership

Want to know how to be an effective leader? Becoming an effective leader can be a daunting task, and trying to master all aspects of leadership alone can be challenging. Empowering leadership requires both soft skills and technical proficiency, with a focus on comprehending the team’s work and effective communication. But worry not, here are […]

Leading the Way: The Role of Leadership in Agate

Leadership is one of the most critical factors determining a company’s success. Effective leadership will inspire and motivate crews, encourage collaboration, drive innovation, and navigate challenges. A good leader sets the tone for the entire team and creates a culture that values teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement. In this fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, leadership […]

A Peek Into Design Department

The call for the design department is to manage creative and design endeavor, possesses highly creative talent that absorbs visual trend and deploy them in fresh and exciting ways. Some sample roles we have in Agate’s design department are such: The team are required to create program in order to support the creative ecosystem inside […]