Artist’s Weapon: Skills and Tools To Master

Artist skills and tools

The gaming industry, a continually evolving creative field, provides many opportunities for artists to follow their passion and build successful careers. Since the gaming industry is constantly expanding, artists need to keep up with the rapidly evolving skills and tools used in the industry. What Skill Does An Artist Needs? An artist is responsible for […]

Agate Art Club: Smaugust

Agate Art Club

In Agate, we provide our crews with a way to express their ideas. Instead of just meddling with their work, we give them space to express their creativity through various activities, media, and clubs. Just like a game that is supposed to be fun and exciting, we want to create the same atmosphere working behind […]

Recruitment Tips and Tricks: Career Types in the Game Industry

career tyoes in the video game industry

The rapid growth of the game industry in the past years proves that gaming is one of the promising industries in the future. Undoubtedly, many professions have emerged in the game industry today. Thus, making a career in the gaming industry sounds quite tempting. Are you curious about the career types in the game industry? […]

Career Transition From Project Manager To Game Producer

Career transition from Project Manager to Game Producer

If you have a career transition from Project Manager to Game Producer, what do you have in mind? While working as a Producer might confuse you in many related fields from movies, music, television, and even games, there’s something you might also associate with this role in the technology field. You also might be familiar […]

Go Deeper As a Game Producer: Skills and Tools You Needed

Game Producer

In the past few articles (see our Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application or Being a Game Producer: Perks and Challenges), we’ve talked about Game Producers and the importance of this role. To ensure that our games are released on time, we need someone to manage the team and keep track of the development […]

Recruitment Tips: Excel Your Game Producer Application

Recruitment Tips Excel Your Game Producer Application

Is this your first time applying as a Game Producer? Or are you already a Game Producer ready to step up your game? Here’s an insider leak on recruitment tips for how to excel in your application as a Game Producer in Indonesia’s leading game company – in a simple brief! First and foremost, you […]

Being a Game Producer: Perks and Challenges

Title Text Being a Game Producer

Programmers, artists, and designers make up most of the team behind all the games we know and love. There are several distinct roles in game development: a programmer writes code; an artist produces artwork; a designer designs game concepts; and others precise positions. They all collaborate to build magnificent settings, detailed gaming mechanics, and the […]

Designer’s Weapon: Essentials Tools and Skills Game Designers Use

It takes a game designer with qualified skills who are able to channel their ideas and communicate them in a way that users can enjoy. Game designer also requires precision in their craft and not to mention effectiveness in the delivery of their work. To do so, they depend upon the exact tools to work […]

Welcome Back to Agate’s Office

After over two years of working from home, Agate will enforce the Work From Office (WFO)/Hybrid policy for the entire Agate Crews starting from August 2022. We’re excited to welcome all of our Crews back at Level Up Building in Summarecon Bandung. To prepare all the needs for WFO/Hybrid working arrangements at our office, what […]

Recruitment Tips and Tricks: Do’s and Don’ts In An Interview

An interview might seems nerve-wracking whether you are a fresh graduate or a senior-level employee. However, as part of the Agate recruitment process, interviews play a significant role in assessing our candidates. To support the process, our Talent team will give you some insight on how to ace the interview process! In this video, our […]