Life At Agate: Embracing Our Company’s Culture

Have you ever wondered how a masterpiece is created by a group of diverse crews? It’s not only because of their individual skills but also their ability to collaborate and unite their efforts, resulting in greatly executed work. But how is it possible? At Agate, we believe our company culture plays a pivotal role in nurturing this dynamic. With our shared beliefs, values, and behaviors rooted in Agate’s culture, we strive to provide a home for a melting pot of diverse talents, cultures, and backgrounds, all coming together to create fun and enjoyable products and experiences.

Agate’s Culture

Our culture is deeply connected to its core principles: Positivity, Collaboration, Excellence, and Level Up. These guiding values shape every company’s operations, interactions, and achievements. Let’s explore more about this!



At Agate, we wholeheartedly embrace positivity in our work, from how we perceive things to how we take action or react, and even our mindset and willingness to approach various challenges. However, this doesn’t mean we ignore negative emotions or pain and resort to toxic positivity. In this context, embracing positivity means reflecting on it through taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility for our actions instead of resorting to blaming, making excuses, or denying our part in any situation.

Embracing positivity at Agate means that when we make a mistake, we don’t immediately seek others to blame; instead, we take ownership of our actions, admit our mistakes, and evaluate ourselves. Rather than shying away from accountability, we face it head-on, using each experience as an opportunity for growth and learning. This positive approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and empowers us to work together in a supportive and constructive manner. We also prioritize our crew’s well-being by conducting regular well-being check-ups, ensuring they feel supported, valued, and equipped to embrace positivity and excel in their roles.



To create games, collaboration from various individuals across different divisions is essential. At Agate, we firmly believe we can achieve more when working together. To foster a culture of effective collaboration among our teams and departments, we strongly emphasize competence and empathy as cornerstones of our cooperative efforts. By understanding and appreciating each other’s perspectives, we build trust and respect that strengthens our working relationships.

And that’s not all. We value and honor each team member’s expertise, recognizing that every contribution is essential to achieving our goals. Above all, we prioritize what is best for Agate and not our individual interests. We align our efforts towards the shared mission of creating exceptional gaming experiences. This collaborative spirit not only enhances the quality of our work but also nurtures a harmonious and productive work environment where creativity flourishes and innovative ideas thrive.



Striving for excellence is at the core of everything we do, whether in our internal operations or when collaborating with external partners, clients, or customers. It means meticulously considering every decision, being receptive to fresh ideas, and consistently aiming to be the best version of ourselves. Internally, we harness our strengths and continuously strive for personal growth, fostering a culture where each team member is encouraged to excel. Externally, we prioritize the needs of our stakeholders and actively engage in problem-solving to provide the best solutions.

As we aim for excellence, we also uphold the value of meritocracy, where everyone, regardless of their title or years of experience, is respected and recognized for their skills, creating an environment where valuable lessons can be learned from everyone involved. Our commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding results and positively impacting all we work with.


Level Up

In both games and real life, leveling up holds immense value for personal and professional growth. Just as players find thrill in unlocking new content and mastering skills, we, too, believe that leveling up contributes to our continuous learning and development. With an open embrace of change as an inherent aspect of life, we maintain an enthusiastic thirst for knowledge, continuously seeking innovative approaches to enhance ourselves and fearlessly confronting challenges head-on.

To support our crew’s ongoing learning and skill development, we provide 1-on-1 sessions for leaders and their team members to plan their career paths together and gain insights into their future growth and progression. We also believe in recognizing and rewarding excellence through grade-ups for deserving crew members. It’s all part of our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, empowering each crew member to excel in their respective roles. With a collective dedication to leveling up, we create an environment that nurtures personal growth and cultivates an exceptional team ready for even greater accomplishments in the future.

At Agate, our culture is brought to life through the collective effort of our dedicated crew. To foster even stronger cohesion and collaboration among crews, we proactively facilitate crew alignment within the company. An example of these efforts is the implementation of the Talent Development Program, a comprehensive initiative designed to empower and nurture the skills of our crew. One of the programs is Team Building. What is team building? Let’s find out more about it below!

Team Building

Team Building is an integral activity at Agate, focused on enhancing intrapersonal relationships within teams and departments. Not only does it offer a chance for our crews to unwind and maintain their well-being, but it also promotes continuous growth and connectivity among our talented workforce. Recognizing that each team possesses its dynamics and preferences, we encourage them to tailor their team-building experiences to suit their unique needs. To facilitate this, we provide each team with a monthly budget, empowering them to design and customize their team-building activities that are both beneficial and enjoyable.

A Glimpse of Team Building Activities at Agate.

The beauty of team building lies in its flexibility. Some teams prefer engaging in online activities, and bonding over virtual games, while others opt for offline gatherings, and some even combine both to accommodate their schedules and preferences. Whether participating in virtual gaming sessions or enjoying fun outdoor activities followed by a delightful meal together, the essence remains the same, reinforcing the bonds between our crews and creating moments of joy. Additionally, our office area stands ready to host these team-building events, offering versatile spaces catering to diverse preferences, allowing teams to indulge in game sessions, create lasting memories, and relish their time together without hassles.

In harmony with our core values of Positivity and Collaboration, Team Building at Agate is vital in supporting and nurturing a unified and cohesive workforce. We hope it can help us create an environment where our crews work together seamlessly and celebrate the spirit of positivity within their teams. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our crews to come together, bond, and strengthen their collaboration as a team, working hand in hand to achieve remarkable things.

Through team building, we encourage open communication, fostering trust and collaboration.  By celebrating positivity and emphasizing teamwork, we empower our crews to tackle challenges collectively, drawing upon each other’s strengths and expertise. Ultimately, our goal is to build a thriving workforce that excels and prospers in unison, with Team Building firmly cemented as the cornerstone of this harmonious culture.

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