Work-Life Balance: A Step Towards Better Crews Well-being

The gaming industry is no stranger to long hours and tight deadlines. With its endless desire for breakthroughs, it becomes a landscape of invention and dedication that frequently challenges the limits of its experts. However, beneath the exciting challenges and rewarding accomplishments lies a hidden concern: work-life balance.

Now, imagine achieving a high score, not just in any game, but in the ultimate game: life itself! Strap in as we embark on an insightful exploration into the essence of work-life balance and its crucial role in well-being. This article is your gateway to understanding how Agate is stepping up its game and supporting its crew in achieving that golden equilibrium.

Understanding Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance refers to an individual’s ability to distribute time and energy between work and personal obligations evenly. This equilibrium is crucial for mental and physical health, as well as the overall quality of life [1].

Achieving a healthy work-life balance doesn’t necessarily mean an equal division of hours between work and personal life but rather finding a flexible and functional equilibrium that suits individual needs and lifestyles. In essence, it’s about having the autonomy to juggle professional responsibilities and personal commitments efficiently.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Its Impact on Crew's Well-Being

In the gaming industry, the continuous striving for innovation often leads to intense schedules. Over time, this lack of balance can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and negative impacts on employees’ physical and mental health [2]. Contrarily, a healthy work-life balance can boost morale, productivity, and overall employee well-being [3]. At its core, employee well-being is linked to how valued and supported employees feel within the workspace.

At Agate, we place a high value on our crews’ well-being. We have implemented regular well-being checkups, conducted monthly, and a comprehensive burnout and well-being survey every six months. Our Talent Team (HR) carefully evaluates the results, providing support to crews and helping them navigate any challenges they may face.

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How to Foster Good Work-Life Balance

Take Worthwhile Breaks

Evaluate if your break activities genuinely bring happiness, contribute to your health, or strengthen social bonds rather than simply acting out of habit. Aim for mindful leisure choices since mindlessly browsing social media tends to decrease happiness. In essence, taking deliberate breaks can boost your productivity and overall well-being [4].

Boost Your Work Efficiency

Evaluate how you allocate work time. Can you delegate some tasks? Can you simplify routine jobs or minimize daily minor decisions? Consider blocking off time for important projects without a set deadline so they don’t fall through. Need to focus? Try turning off phone and email alerts temporarily. Remember, even a notification sound can be as distracting as using your phone [5].

Flexible Work Schedules

Having flexible work schedules can give employees more control and autonomy, and research suggests that this policy can increase productivity [6]. People with flexible schedules take fewer sick days, experience less work-related impairment, and are more committed to their jobs.

Pace, Space, Place

Remember the three Ps in an ever-changing work environment. Set your own PACE, avoid rushing, and take regular rests. Choose your PLACE wisely, select a relaxing and stimulating environment to work in. Finally, respect your SPACE by keeping it tidy and conducive to concentrate. This trio has the potential to be your secret weapon against burnout! [7]

Promoting work-life balance goes beyond just flexible schedules. It’s about creating an environment that promotes growth, fun, and relaxation. One strategy we employ at Agate is team building, a fun monthly event where Agate crews participate in various activities ranging from board games to community meals. These gatherings foster stronger connections and enhanced synergy among our dynamic crews.

But our commitment to balance continues. Expanding on the concept of team building, this is where Agate Clan comes into play. Agate Clan is a collection of various extracurriculars that each crew can join according to their interests. These clans range from sports like the Badminton Clan to Art Clan, offering a diversity of activities that help our crews to wind down, learn something new, or simply enjoy a shared passion. They also serve to ensure our team members have a balanced life that caters to their personal interests and well-being.

Agate Clan

Nothing can illustrate the positive impact of work-life balance at Agate better than the real experiences of our crews. Let’s hear it from our crews who’ve found an exciting balance in their lives at Agate!

Agate Futsal Clan

“To me, work-life balance means achieving harmony between earning a living and engaging in fulfilling personal activities that keep us healthy, happy, and stress-free. Each person may have different proportions of this balance, but I firmly believe that excessive indulgence in any aspect isn’t beneficial. Work-life balance is of utmost importance. It’s no secret that mental health impacts our physical health, and with a healthy mind and body, we can deliver better work quality.

Joining the AFC was a no-brainer. I’ve always had a penchant for football. Additionally, being somewhat passive in social settings, the AFC has provided a platform for me to interact with colleagues from different teams in an unforced manner.

Participating in AFC has brought multiple benefits to my well-being. I have noticed significant improvements in my physical health, and it’s helped to alleviate feelings of isolation, especially after the recent pandemic. Joining AFC felt like a breath of fresh air!”

Nelson playing mini soccer

Agate Fustal Clan

Agate Gunpla Clan

“For me, achieving a good work-life balance is about having a mutually supportive system. Your work and personal life should complement each other, leading to overall satisfaction and well-being. Maintaining this balance is crucial, as it ensures continued enjoyment of life and work. Remember, even activities you love can lead to burnout if done in excess.

My love for creation and modification, spanning from Legos to robotics, naturally led me to Gunpla and plastic models. When I discovered the interest of Gunpla at Agate, I saw the chance to unite people with shared passions, and that’s how the Gunpla Clan came into existence.

Being part of this clan brings numerous benefits, but the greatest lies in its people. You’re surrounded by like-minded people you can enthusiastically discuss and share resources with. The collective pool of tools and knowledge is truly an added advantage. Since joining the Gunpla Clan, there’s been an additional element of excitement in my office life. It gives me something to look forward to.”

Gundam 00 Diver Ace

Agate Gunpla Clan

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