When Art Meets Technology: The World of VFX and Technical Artists

At Agate, there are many specialists in the Art Department, including 2D, 3D Character, 3D Environment, Concept, Technical artists, UI, VFX Artists, and Game Animator. Each role requires a unique blend of technical know-how and creativity to produce top-notch artwork. However, two roles in the specialist focus more on technical expertise: VFX and Technical Artist. […]

Leaders & Specialist In The Art Department

Creativity has always been at the heart of an art department. But sometimes creativity can be too elusive and intangible to pin down. This is why the leader and the specialist are important roles in the art department. The call is to ensure all creative deliverables are well executed and align with the client’s expectations. […]

Artist’s Weapon: Skills and Tools To Master

Artist skills and tools

The gaming industry, a continually evolving creative field, provides many opportunities for artists to follow their passion and build successful careers. Since the gaming industry is constantly expanding, artists need to keep up with the rapidly evolving skills and tools used in the industry. What Skill Does An Artist Needs? An artist is responsible for a visual […]

Agate Art Club: Smaugust

Agate Art Club

In Agate, we provide our crews with a way to express their ideas. Instead of just meddling with their work, we give them space to express their creativity through various activities, media, and clubs. Just like a game that is supposed to be fun and exciting, we want to create the same atmosphere working behind […]