Agate Art Club: Smaugust

In Agate, we provide our crews with a way to express their ideas. Instead of just meddling with their work, we give them space to express their creativity through various activities, media, and clubs. Just like a game that is supposed to be fun and exciting, we want to create the same atmosphere working behind the desk as game developers. One of the activities is Agate Art Club.

Agate Art Department creates appealing activities for game artists to fine-tune their skills. One of the activities is a monthly event where game artists, or any interested crew, draw a specific creature or thing. Last month’s Agate Art Club theme is Smaugust, inspired by Smaug, the dragon from The Lord of the Rings series. Here are the arts they submitted.

Our special thanks to our artists:

Abiyyu Prishdian Vivekananda | Rookie Game Artist

Ar Cahyadi Indra | Head of Art Department

Kelvin Adriel Setiawan | Rookie Game Artist

Nelson Setiadi | UI/UX Artist

William Joelian | Associate Lead Artist

And also to our crew from another department:

Payoma Kusuma | Game Producer

Which Smaugust is your favorite? or do you wish to join Agate Art Club? We currently open roles for artists. Take a look at our opening here: Artist roles.

Vacancy on Art Departement

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Contract Type : Temporary
Contract Type : Temporary