BFF Signal: Agate’s Original Take on ZEPETO Social Gaming Reaches Global Trending #4

ZEPETO, the vibrant metaverse, expands in Southeast Asia through a strategic partnership with us, Indonesia’s largest game developer. With a decade of local market expertise, a proven track record, and an understanding of preferences, we’re the ideal partner for ZEPETO’s ambitious journey.

Design Phase Finding the Gap

Our proposal team iterated on game design elements to resonate with ZEPETO players, focusing on fostering deeper connections. Identifying a gap for meaningful connections, our design aims to create an inclusive and immersive experience for all users.

Creating BFF Signal – Swift Development with Promising Build

Our agile sprint method delivered builds every two weeks, seamlessly collaborating between Art and Development teams, rigorously tested by our Quality Assurance (QA) team.

“(Agate is) a great team that can take a creative ownership approach to our product direction. The art was great, and the designs are really unique.”

Sehin Son, ZEPETO Development Relations Manager

Early access testing with ZEPETO influencers provided valuable data, optimizing performance on various devices with a storage footprint under 1 GB.

Live Ops – Fostering a Vibrant Community for Dedicated Fanbase

Post-release, live operations engaged the community through frequent posts, club participation, and events, encouraging them to revisit our immersive world.

The Result


global trending world position.

Secured “Player Choice” category reward for two consecutive weeks post-release.

Earned “The Most Attractive World” title in its third week since launch.

Consistently in the global top 12 of trending worlds on ZEPETO.

 Surpassed 400,000 total visits (as of January 2024).

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