DISC in the Workplace: Unlocking the Benefits of Different Strengths and Perspectives

Diversity is common in the workplace, but it can sometimes lead to conflict among the crews. It’s important to understand that everyone might act or react differently in a certain situation. You might wonder if only there’s a way to develop a greater understanding of our teammates, those we work with as colleagues, and those we manage and lead. Well, the good news is: there’s a way! Personality assessment tools like DISC can do just that. DISC is a personality assessment tool Agate uses to improve communication in the workplace, guide career decisions, and empower meaningful professional connections.

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What is DISC?

DISC stands for the four main behavioral styles described in the DISC model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Each person usually has a combination of these styles, but only one or two will be the most prominent.


People with a preference for Dominance (D) tend to be confident and emphasize accomplishing results. They are motivated by winning, competing, and gaining success.


People with D personality establish clear objectives and devise plans to attain them; they’re able to plan quickly and analyze resources and skills needed to finish something. With their drive to win and compete for success, they enjoy taking on challenges and finding solutions to overcome them.

People with a D personality type may become frustrated with those with a low level of ambition due to their strong desire to win and succeed. However, it’s important for them to keep in mind that goals cannot be accomplished without assistance and that they should learn to trust others to reach their goals. Patience and clarity when explaining things to those around them could help in that regard. Another challenge they need to overcome is their tendency to display sensitivity.

An Example of D Personality from our game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Winning every fight

Brawny, Competitive, Disciplined

Sport, Confrontation

Chad is a very competitive person who sees anyone stronger than him as a challenge. Overall, he is just a simple young man who wants something simple: to be stronger than everyone else. Maybe, he’s actually too simple to be true.


Those with the Influence (I) preference tend to be more open and emphasize relationships and influencing others. They tend to be enthusiastic and hopeful, making the work environment fun. If you come across someone who enjoys talking, making friends, and creating social events, they likely have a high Influence preference.

They excel at persuading, motivating, and selling ideas to others. Additionally, they are adept at creating a pleasant environment and fostering relationships with other people.

The I personality type may find it challenging to stay organized, requiring someone to follow them up on their responsibilities and projects. They may also have trouble concentrating for prolonged periods and should try to manage their time better and slow down their pace to listen more to other people.

An Example of I Personality from our game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Follow any mood booster

Attractive, Good fashion sense

Colors, Ornaments, Love

A carefree and happy-go-lucky young woman whose bubbly personality and beauty make her very well-liked. This suits her perfectly, as she also likes people and friends.


People with a preference for Steadiness (S) tend to be consistent, calm, and patient. They are people who emphasize cooperation and sincerity. What they do is driven by opportunities to help and sincere appreciation. This personality enjoys identifying and providing what others require without seeking recognition or acknowledgment.

Strengths They are known for their steadiness and are calm, composed, and patient. This allows them to create a safe and welcoming work environment. People with the S personality are adept at working toward a group consensus, setting objectives, assigning duties, and valuing everyone’s input.

Challenges Despite appearing to be composed and collected on the outside, S personality is quite sensitive to criticism and confrontation. They tend to struggle to express their true emotions openly. In a relationship, instead of facing conflicts, they will do whatever is necessary to maintain peace.

An Example of S Personality from our game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Being his true self

Kind, Resourceful, Big-hearted

Healing, Helping

Hugo is a kind young man who believes that everyone must be true to themselves and pursue the future they wish. He is mostly a pacifist and would prefer to avoid fighting and physical confrontation. His true calling for being a hero is to help and heal people in need.


Those with Conscientiousness (C) personality are known for their attention to detail, accuracy, expertise, and competency. They tend to think carefully before taking any action and make it a point to do thorough research before making decisions. Despite this, they are quite guarded when it comes to their personal life, not willing to share their feelings even if it could be beneficial for them.

People with C personalities are known for their high standards and thoroughness in gathering and analyzing information. When it comes to decision-making, they can think ahead, plan long-term objectives, and weigh the pros and cons of a particular situation.

Type C personalities often find it difficult to deal with changes and unexpected situations and interact with particularly expressive people. Though they’re known for their expertise and competency, they should keep in mind that they can obtain a better comprehension by appreciating the standpoints of others and considering them when they make their assessment. Another challenge that they need to overcome is to verbalize their feelings better.

An Example of C Personality from our game, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Not get involved with anyone else

Creative, Quirky, Smart

Magic, Monsters, Technology

Alphonse is a genius Magi whose aptitude for understanding the arcane arts is unmatched by most. He is admittedly a bit awkward and withdrawn, which, at first glance, may be viewed as a side effect of his dedication to his craft.

Why do we use DISC?

Conflict Management
The DISC assessment allows us to understand how each person responds to conflict and find out what triggers someone’s stress and how to solve problems. This enables us to handle disagreements more effectively and find the ideal resolution to the problem.

Teamwork Improvement
Understanding our teammates better will lead to higher productivity and make it easier for leaders to understand the team’s work habits.

DISC helps us to communicate better in the workplace by communicating with each crew according to their style.

Crews Enhancement
Using DISC assessment in the recruitment process helps us to recruit the right candidates for suitable positions. It also can be used to identify areas of development that need to be addressed amongst our crews and consequently be used to develop effective training programs to help them progress.

Note: All data as of January 2023

DISC in Agate

Here is the overview of DISC personality in our crews.

What is the benefit of using DISC?

How’s knowing your DISC style affect your job?

In the workplace, no DISC style is better than the other—we all have a combination of the four styles and use them in our daily lives. DISC simply helps us find out which style is the strongest in us. With this information, we can recognize our strengths and areas of development, and it gives us an idea of how to communicate with other people more effectively.

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