When Art Meets Technology: The World of VFX and Technical Artists

At Agate, there are many specialists in the Art Department, including 2D, 3D Character, 3D Environment, Concept, Technical artists, UI, VFX Artists, and Game Animator. Each role requires a unique blend of technical know-how and creativity to produce top-notch artwork. However, two roles in the specialist focus more on technical expertise: VFX and Technical Artist. […]

Tech Department 101

People behind the department There are three sub-divisions in the Department of Tech in Agate: Programmer (Game Programmer, System Programmer, Fullstack Programmer, etc.) As a Programmer, they need to develop the game by implementing concepts into actual playable games. Engineer (DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, QA Engineer, etc.) To be an Engineer, one needs to make […]


A game programmer creates the code that gives the game a new lease on life. As a game programmer, you work as a part of the team. You’ll collaborate closely with game designers, artists, quality assurance, and other departments to translate a game’s concept into a fully playable and functional game. Game programmers could control […]