In the expanding world of games, people of all ages can now fuse into virtual worlds where they can transform into sports pros, super villains, and even world savers. These worlds of games that you can see today are courtesy of game designers. Being a game designer isn’t just about fantasizing about ideas. As game designers, you produce enjoyable, balanced, and accessible games for all of your audience.

If you have a knack for design and want to make your passion for games into a career, you can think about looking for work as a game designer. Agate is opening vacancies for epic designers to join our ranks. So are you ready to take part and transcribe your visions?

Get to know Restya Windya Astari

Restya is Agate’s Head of Academy. Over the past five years, she has nurtured hundreds of Epic talents across Indonesia’s game industry. Now, she’s been working with Agate to cultivate young talents in Indonesia to guide and upskill them in the game industry. Restya would love to share three epic tips on what users are looking for in a designer role.

Here are some tips that she received along her experiences:

  • It’s good for game designers to have plenty of ideas. But, it’s critical for them to understand if their ideas are feasible and worth to be executed in the first place.
  • Game designers are expected to be fluent in communication; either verbal or nonverbal as they have to explain their game design.
  • In designing games, always start with what kind of experience you’ll serve to your players.

If you want to apply those tips immediately to start your epic journey, you can start by visiting https://agate.id/career/ for available roles and positions.

Vacancy On Design Departement

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Contract Type : Temporary
Contract Type : Temporary
Full Development
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Finance, Corporate and Legal
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