Unlocking New Path: The Power of Game Porting for Business Growth

In today’s gaming landscape, diversity is the name of the game. Players engage with a variety of platforms, from PCs and consoles to mobile devices and emerging technologies. To harness the full potential of this vast audience, game porting emerges as a crucial strategy.

Market Expansion

Expanding into new markets is a dream for any business. Game porting allows you to do just that. By making your game available on different platforms, you can tap into previously untapped markets and demographics. The broader your audience, the greater your potential for growth.

Maximizing Revenue

Every platform offers unique monetization opportunities. From in-app purchases on mobile to downloadable content (DLC) on consoles, game porting enables you to tailor your monetization strategy to each platform. This diversity can significantly impact your revenue stream.

Player Engagement

Players have their preferences when it comes to gaming devices. Some prefer the mobility of mobile gaming, while others seek the immersive experience of consoles. By offering your game on multiple platforms, you enhance player engagement and retention, as players can access your game on their preferred devices.

To illustrate the impact of effective game porting, let’s take a look at some of our notable game porting projects:

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story (VAHSS)
We successfully ported VAHSS using Unity, originally developed for PC, to both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This strategic move led to $1 million in sales. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is an Indonesian IP with over a decade of presence in the gaming industry and a strong global footprint.

Valthirian Arc Hero School Story 2 (VAHSS 2)
With our expertise in using Unreal Engine, we adapted VAHSS 2 from PC to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, opening up a wider new audience across platforms. VAHSS 2 was also available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S starting from 15 September 2023.

Leveraging our game porting proficiency, we successfully transformed Stellarace, originally designed for PC, into a Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck-compatible version using Unreal Engine | 5.

These real-life examples demonstrate how game porting can transform your business and drive success.

Competitive Advantage

Standing out in the competitive gaming industry requires innovation and adaptability. Game developers who limit their titles to a single platform may miss out on opportunities. Porting your game to various platforms gives you a competitive edge and demonstrates your commitment to reaching a broader audience.

In some cases, we’ve taken game porting to the next level by migrating games between different game engines. For example, we successfully migrated a Unity-based game to Unreal Engine to leverage its advanced graphics capabilities, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Similarly, we can migrate projects from your existing engine (e.g., Godot, Cocos2d, GameMaker) to Unity or Unreal and the other way around.

This level of flexibility in engine migration not only expands the potential player base but also future-proofs your game for evolving technologies and platforms. It’s a testament to our dedication to offering comprehensive game porting solutions that adapt to the ever-changing gaming landscape.

Legacy Support

Preserving your game’s legacy is important. Game porting ensures that your masterpiece remains accessible and playable on newer platforms, preserving its legacy and extending its lifespan. This can lead to ongoing revenue and a lasting impact in the gaming world.

In conclusion, game porting is not merely an option but a necessity for businesses seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving gaming industry. By expanding your game’s presence across platforms, you unlock the door to market expansion, increased revenue, and long-term success. Embrace the power of game porting and watch your business flourish in this exciting landscape.

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