The Story of Agate’s Avatar

Introducing you Agate’s avatar, our R&D’s latest project consists of customizable avatar that transforms our vision into various features, art styles, and advance technology. The purpose is to create Agate’s own standard to innovate tools and techniques, research and validation, growth of improvement and learnings of new trend in the industry.

The Design

First layer of the process comes from the design dapartment. Their call is to ensure all features run smoothly by developing an enjoyable UI/UX along with suitable narrative concept and its limitation.

Behind a successful output, there is always a wide and powerful research. The purpose was to collect data and insight about what works better and how can we improve. After its done, we narrowed all the thoughts into specific concept of ideation and started to determine all the characters.


Setting Priorities
When the idea was settled, the call was to make suitable directions for the team to explore. Our team was required to prioritize the time, resources, and the beneficial impact to our user. To achieve this line, we forced every person involved to actively interact and effectively communicate with each other.


As the first layer of the creation, there were several challenges await: in a very limited time, design department needed to create an avatar highlighting all features including the control of avatar appearance. To solve this limitation, our design department along with the tech and art department came up with solution to create preset for various parts, from facial to cloths. With those presets, player will have options of combination to costumize their avatar.

The Art

One of the important and significant roles in the making of Agate’s avatar comes from the Art Department: 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Concept Artist. Their call was to determine the character including style, concept, and model.

We explored options, established visual style and created various approach. The goal was to create a direction and pipeline to fulfill the limitation and requirement. Our team used photoshop, blender, unity, and mixamo to bring the character into life.

The chosen sci-fi theme was quite complicated and we were challenged to create it in a short period of time. Another challenge came from the tech art where they needed to make standard to accommodate the desired features and quality at its best.

The Tech

Tech department was required to combine all the assets with an interface system to deliver a playable product where players can modify their avatar’s looks. The team needed to set up the customize feature based on utility and user preference.

To run this idea perfectly, our team used Unity 2020.0.38ft as the main tool, specifically: Unity Timeline, Unity UGUI, Unity Animation System, and Skinned Mesh Renderer.


Inside the idea of customizable avatar, our team created the design and system consist of various adjustable custom based on user preference. For example, player will have the control to pick their own color when using a slider. To create a comfortable experience for player to customize their avatar, our team has developed a very convenient and easy adjust system.


Architecture Design

Translating the mind concept from designer into system with all the mechanism was pretty much a challenge. To overcome the challenge, they separated those concepts into simpler based tasks as a system to change avatar’s looks.

Product Manager & Producer

The decision to validate whether the approach is correct or not was a call from our Product Manager. It took a tremendous amount of research and data to ensure the final result have met the expectation.

At the same time, a Producer took part in ensuring all needs and requirements are effectively communicated and went perfectly according to its schedule.

Those are the men behind the creation of Agate’s avatar. Interested in taking a part? Head down to the vacancy list below and join our team!


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