Ready for Lift-Off: Vertx Break Aims for Global Opportunities in 2024

“Throughout 2023, we restructured our internal team, devised innovative internal training plans, and development systems. Now, Vertx Break, is ready for global projects in 2024.” – Ar Cahyadi Indra, Head of Vertx Break powered by Agate


Last month, Agate was thrilled to introduce Vertx Break, Agate’s new sub-brand focusing on offering game-ready 3D Stylized Art for AA Game Developers. This time, we’d like to delve deeper into the dynamics of art services development at Agate over the past year and our targets for 2024 from the perspective of Ar Cahyadi Indra, Head of Vertx Break powered by Agate.

About Ar Cahyadi Indra

Adi, as he usually called by his teammates, graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from Universitas Indonesia. His passion for technology and game development continued to thrive, leading him to embark on a career at Agate.

His journey at Agate began in 2015 as a Jr. Game Programmer, swiftly climbing the ranks to become a Game Programmer within a year. During his tenure, Adi played a pivotal role in project development, notably contributing to the creation one of Agate’s flagship games at the time, Metal Brave Arena 76, an action-packed solo gaming experience where players construct powerful robots to conquer galactic battles.

In his capacity, Adi’s involvement encompassed various facets of game development, including game design, logic, rendering optimization, the integration of key game systems, and the implementation of technical art solutions.

The User Interface of Metal Brave Arena 76

Recognizing Adi’s proficiency in technical art and leadership skills, Agate promoted him to Head of the Art Department in 2021. In this role, Adi was tasked with building the Art Department from scratch, including recruitment processes, devising growth plans for team members, and financial planning. Additionally, Adi actively represented Agate at numerous events, providing valuable insights into the gaming industry.

By the end of 2022, as Agate expanded into new business areas such as art services, Adi’s impressive track record and skills prompted Agate to name him as the Head of Vertx Break powered by Agate.

As he moved into this new position in early 2023, Adi worked hard to adapt and ensure optimal productivity for Agate and its partners. Now, he is here to share his reflection on 2023 and outline ambitious goals for Vertx Break in 2024.

Q: Could you tell us the excitement and highlights of 2023?

A: 2023 was certainly transformative for me as the Head of Art division, necessitating continuous learning and innovation.

Throughout the year, we focused on restructuring our team to align with the art services business. By adopting modern pipelines and flexibility, we successfully managed diverse A-AA projects, ensuring that our services met our clients’ visions and industry standards.

Q: Could you tell us about some exciting projects you worked on in 2023?

A: Our team internally developed the concept to create stylized buildings using only real-life photos as references. We preserved iconic silhouettes and key elements, ensuring seamless alignment with the project’s stylized art direction. Despite challenges, the Vertx Break team’s collective efforts and ingenuity led to successful project completion!

Q: Could you tell us about your thoughts after the unveiling of Vertx Break powered by Agate last month?

A: Following the introduction of Vertx Break last month, I feel incredibly proud and excited about the direction we’re heading in 2024.

Vertx Break, our latest sub-brand, is dedicated to providing top-tier, game-ready 3D Stylized Art specifically designed for AA game developers.

This launch underscores Agate’s position as a trusted global game development partner, committed to seizing opportunities in the global market. Our team is ready and equipped to collaborate closely with clients, helping them bring their artistic visions to life with optimized assets.

Furthermore, Vertx Break elevates Agate’s internal art standards, facilitates knowledge sharing, and fosters collaboration with art teams in diverse business segments. Vertx Break‘s role extends beyond our efforts to seek opportunities in the global market. We believe that Vertx Break will play a crucial role in Agate’s continued commitment to nurturing the Indonesian gaming industry’s ecosystem, as Agate has done over the past (nearly) 15 years.

Q: As we move forward into 2024, what are your hopes and goals for this year?

A: We hope the Vertx Break team will make significant contributions to exciting projects and play a key role in advancing 3D art in Indonesia’s gaming industry. We are also set to introduce innovative strategies in our training and internal growth systems, aimed to refine and elevate our team’s technical abilities. This initiative is designed to keep us at the forefront of competitiveness and to ensure we bring additional value to our partner’s projects.

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