Full Development

Zepeto BFF Signal

Full Development

Zepeto BFF Signal

‘BFF Signal’ unfolds as an interactive world, a collaborative creation stemming from the partnership between Zepeto and Agate. Breaking digital barriers that young adults often felt, BFF Signal transforms the digital landscape into a canvas where players engage not only with the game mechanics but with each other, fostering friendships that extend beyond the virtual realm.

At its core, ‘BFF Signal’ revolves around the art of profiles – creating them, exploring others’, and, notably, discovering potential BFFs through engaging quizzes. The experience extends beyond mere profiles to encompass a spectrum of interactions – from casual chats to immersive photo sessions, and even content and video creation within the captivating backdrop of the school settings. In the world of ‘BFF Signal,’ the emphasis is on the natural evolution of connections within a delightful, immersive environment.


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Our primary objective in developing this game is to cultivate a sense of anticipation and facilitate meaningful connections among Zepeto players, by breaking digital barriers and encouraging genuine friendships to blossom.

Challenge & Solution


  • Maintain a good performance under 1 GB Build 
  • Limitation due to Zepeto Development Environment and Documentation  


  • Optimization both in art and script. 
  • Understanding all the Zepeto Documentation. 

Team Composition

Feature Highlight


Immerse yourself in scenic exploration within the school and uncover other’s profiles, turning each exploration into an exciting quest for friendship. 

BFF Signal, Profile Detection

Forge connections by exploring the rich diversity of profiles, allowing each like to become a bridge to deeper conversations. 

Couple Quiz

Discover common ground through engaging quizzes, turning each question into a stepping stone towards shared interests. 


During the design phase, our proposal team diligently iterated on game design elements aimed at resonating well with Zepeto players and elevating their gaming experience. Recognizing the social nature of Zepeto, our focus was on creating a world that goes beyond the surface, fostering deeper connections among players. We identified a gap—while Zepeto is a social platform, it lacked environments that facilitated meaningful connections, particularly for new players who faced challenges in making friends unless initiated by others. Our design aimed to bridge this gap and create a more inclusive and engaging experience for all Zepeto users.
Throughout the development phase, our team employed an agile sprint method, ensuring a rapid and efficient workflow. We consistently delivered builds every two weeks, keeping the client in the loop with biweekly progress reports. The collaboration between the Art and Development teams was smooth, working in parallel on each milestone, which was then rigorously tested by our Quality Assurance (QA) team.
Early Access
In the lead-up to the official launch, we conducted early access testing by providing our build to Zepeto Influencers. This strategic move allowed us to gather valuable performance data and feedback, enabling us to enhance the build based on the insights obtained from this select group.
Live Ops
Following its release, we initiated the live operations phase, dedicated to sustaining and expanding our community. This involved regular engagement through frequent posts, active participation in clubs, posts, and the world, as well as organizing periodic events to encourage our community to revisit our immersive world.


  • Achieved over 200,000 total visits within a span of 4 weeks.  
  • Attained the prestigious #1 trending world position.  
  • Maintained a consistent presence in the global top 12 of the now trending world on ZEPETO. 
  • Secured a position in the Global Top 15 world chart.  
  • Clinched the player choice category incentive reward for two consecutive weeks post-release.  
  • Earned the title of the most attractive world on its third week since launch. 




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