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Full Development


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Stellarace is a multiplayer racing game where contestants compete from planet to planet to become the champion of the titular Stellarace. The planets had been in conflict for years upon years, but the time for fighting is now over. All that’s left is to prove yourself and blaze a new trail as the fastest in the galaxy.


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Stellarace was made with the intention to demonstrate and explore our capabilities of using Unreal Engine. Showcasing a slice of what Agate has to offer, Stellarace is a fun & fast-paced racer with a strong sci-fi aesthetic where players race from start to finish.


Ideation, strong concept design, skilled team members, and fast iteration.

Challenge & Solution

Challenge Our team only had 3,5 months to create the concept, work out a pipeline for using Unreal Engine, and iterate on the demo. Solution Through focused direction via the design sprint process, careful resource management, strong collaboration, and the team’s excellent capability to adapt, we were able to deliver.


Design Sprint
Our team iterated on ideas for the game and defined the scope, focusing on the user stories that we want to deliver and goals we want to achieve with the product.
Development Sprint
With the set scope, we began to work on the systems & assets needed to complete the demo using agile methodology, all the while working out & documenting our process of using Unreal Engine.
User Testing
We then conducted user testing to gather feedback on the demo, and iterate on it before the final delivery.