Full Development

Sky Cage

Full Development

Sky Cage

Sky Cage is a VR-based on-ground crowd activation game where users must escape from a high-rise prison by finishing a set of puzzles before the time runs out. Combining a virtual reality interface with physical props, users can be fully immersed in the Sky Cage gameplay, creating genuine reactions and eliciting curiosity from the onlookers.


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Following the enthusiastic reception of Agate’s other VR game, Pasien Terakhir, we aimed to create an enhanced version of on-ground activation game. Our idea was to create a scenario where people could only experience through VR. We amped up the immersion by combining VR technology with external devices, in order to bring more realism into the game.

Team Composition


We developed Sky Cage in 2017. Then, VR was still considered a novelty, and we were exploring the possibility it might offer. We realized that VR allows people to try something they wouldn’t typically do, and we can go to the extreme with our ideas, which we researched throughout the ideation stage.
After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to create a simple puzzle game that highlights an extreme situation we wouldn’t want to experience in real life. With the fear of heights being one of the most common fears, we took the concept of an escape room and created Sky Cage — allowing people to experience dizzying heights and adrenaline rush from the safety of the ground.
Our team used Unreal platform for the build and Blender for the 3D visual to create Sky Cage game. With several reiterations, we added more details to the game, such as cracking floor glass when the time is almost up. From ideation to finished product, the development of Sky Cage took 2 months time.


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