Full Development


Full Development


One day, a mysterious entity known as The Dark Moon appeared in the sky. From its ominous surface launched a barrage of Shards that decimated the Earth’s surface, and human civilization soon collapsed. This cataclysmic event soon came to be known as “The First End”. But not all was lost. What few survivors remained soon bonded together to rebuild, and thousands of years later, humanity has managed to rebuild and flourish in a settlement known as Eos, a utopian society where no one is left wanting for anything.  

Thanks to the determination of its inhabitants, life inside Eos became so agreeable that humans no longer had any reason to leave. The outside world thus became nothing but a source of threats and a reminder of the horrors of the First End. Thus, the inhabitants of Eos built a wall completely encircling the city and never set foot outside ever again.  

However, humanity can only stay in its cradle for so long. But as they set to venture forth out into the world, The Dark Moon once again appeared in the sky, its Shards once again ravaging the landscape. The solution to humanity’s plight was found in the very Shards that they were trying to avoid. As time-reversing devices, they reverted the surrounding area back to their natural state.  

Using that same technology, Eos’s scientists created the Circlesync, a technology that allows its users to access the experiences of people from the past, called Operators, to gather what past knowledge they can of the First End to avert what might well become the Second End.  

The Circlesync calls you for adventure. Will you be the savior of humanity’s future, or bring it to ruin? Test your mettle in this exciting multiplayer action PvP game, with engaging card-based mechanics and appealing anime-inspired aesthetics. The world of Project EOS awaits. 


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Our main goal is to create the first step in what would be an expansive, engaging world players love spending time in. Using a gameplay-first approach, we hope to build Project EOS as a multiplayer experience that will keep players coming back for more. 

Challenge & Solution


  • Create a high-quality working prototype, iterating quickly to prove the game concept for players and stakeholders. 
  • Creating vibrant anime-inspired fantasy characters and settings. 
  • Setting up smooth online play and multiplayer. 


  • Optimal & effective project planning & task management, prioritizing features to suit the needs of the prototype. 
  • Extensive research, breakdown, and conceptualizing to develop a visual identity that is highly appealing yet unique. 
  • Collaboration and sharing expertise between internal teams, as well as iterating and testing to ensure that the player experience is smooth as can be. 



Design Sprint
The team worked together with the client to conceptualize and decide which features would be needed in the prototype, defining the scope as well as the goals and direction of the prototype to be made. 2
Beginning development of the prototype, the team focused on delivering both a proof-of-concept of the gameplay while still maintaining a level of visual polish to showcase the visual concepts of the project, taking care to develop all the “must have” features that would make the prototype as fun to play as it can be, showing stakeholders a glimpse at the potential of the game concept and core loop.
Collecting feedback from stakeholders and playtesting, the team works hard to ensure that the game experience is the best that it can be through gameplay experience and bug fixing. The result is a working prototype that is made within a short amount of time yet still with a certain degree of polish befitting the stakeholders’ standards.




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