Full Development


Full Development


Memories is an otome platform that features a large collection of interactive romantic stories. Each story is tailored to follow the player’s choices, and each decision will shape their whole adventure. Full of thrilling adventure, romance, and intrigue – all enhanced with our beautiful hand-drawn, anime-inspired art style – Memories will bring each and every choice to life.


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Art Portfolio


Due to the positive response to Love Spice, an experimental project to test a game that caters to the female demographics, Agate decides to scale up the quality in the next game that caters to the same target market.

Team Composition


Ideations for stories are initiated by the Product Managers, Producers, or Game Designers in a pitch session. The Story Writers will then explore a theme that will fit into the story. Story Writers need to create at least 50 to 100 different story premises.
Researching competitor’s products, conducting FGDs that consists of our target demographic to decide the art style that will works best in Indonesian market (the team’s focus at the time), studying best storytelling approach to create a memorable narrative.
Design the game based on the desired direction, which is a Visual Novel platform with multiple stories, as opposed to just a one-off VN story.

Ensuring that Memories’ developmental system can support a weekly release for each chapter.
More features and content were released to keep existing users engaged. One of said features was “Keyless reading” which lets users binge-read stories on certain days without fears of running out of key.
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