Full Development

Eizper Chain PVP

Full Development

Eizper Chain PVP

Eizper Chain PVP is a competitive game that is designed to be entertaining for the public, while also encouraging team play. The game is played in a multiplayer 3 vs 3 action-packed arena where players battle it out to be the winner by collecting points. The game is based on the Eizper Chain Mobile game, which has a large following and is known for its exciting dungeon-focused gameplay.


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We focused on three core pillars to make the game a success. The first pillar is “publicly entertaining”, which means that the game is designed to be fast-paced and engaging for both players and spectators. To achieve this, the gameplay deviates from the dungeon-focused Eizper Core to enable faster, tighter action. The game introduces more skills, items, and dynamic movement, allowing players to create their own unique strategies and playstyles. This creates an exciting and engaging experience for both players and spectators. The second core pillar of Eizper Chain PvP is “team play”. The game encourages strategic cooperation and communication among players. We have introduced comeback mechanics to give players the chance to make a comeback even when they are behind. Although the game can be played with random users, players are encouraged to form guilds and use voice chat to coordinate their gameplay. This allows players to reach new heights and experience the game at a higher level. The third core pillar of Eizper Chain PvP is “based on Eizper Chain core”. This means that the game is built on the foundation of the Eizper Chain Mobile game. We have ensured that the game is easily understandable, even for those who are not familiar with the mobile game. This makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play the game, and also makes it enjoyable for spectators to watch. Overall, Eizper Chain PvP is an exciting and engaging game that is built on the foundation of Eizper Chain Mobile and focused on the core pillars of publicly entertaining gameplay, team play, and an easily understandable experience.

Challenge & Solution

Enable faster battle mechanics and tighter action by using more skills and dynamic movement compared to current Eizper Mobile game.


  • Establish a battle rule for 3 versus 3 combat, offering specific rewards for accomplishing the mission within 3 minutes.
  • Introduce a Titan into the middle of the arena during the final 60 seconds.
  • Develop three distinct arenas for players to engage with opponents.
  • Incorporate certain elements of MOBA gameplay mechanics to enhance aiming experience.


Our first aim is to create an experience that is similar to a carnival haunted house, thrilling together with friends.
Pre-production started with two teams working parallelly between the art team and the programming team. Several multiplayer mockup gameplay mode was made to be later added into a core architecture program for the later production phase. While the art team mostly follows the rules defined by the programming team.
The team builds the game using modified-based Unreal Engine 4 for creating an Expandable customization-based architecture design that can be widely developed for GAAS (Game as a Service). From characters, emojis, gameplay modifiers, and game modes. Also, EOS (Epic Online Service) to implement further iteration for cross-play.

Feature Highlight

Exhibition Hall

Suitable for:

Expos, Exhibition, Fair, Product Launches and
Sponsor Booth.

Conference Hall

Suitable for:

Webinars, Talkshows, Conferencce, Product Launches.

Business Hall

Suitable for: Business matching, 1-on-1 video call, Private meeting

Breakout Hall

Suitable for: Business matching, 1-on-1 video call, Private meeting