Agate is thrilled to attend the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024, held from March 18 to 22 in Moscone Center, San Fransisco, California.

GDC is the annual game industry’s premier professional event, celebrating game developers and the ever-evolving art of game creation. The conference promises exciting activities, featuring an expo, networking opportunities, and prestigious award ceremonies like the Independent Games Festival. Attendees can also participate in various tutorials, lectures, and roundtables by industry professionals on game-related topics covering programming, design, audio, production, business and management, and visual arts.

Agate’s presence at GDC 2024 signifies our dedication to fostering collaboration and becoming the industry’s leading global game development partner. Let’s Meet our representative at the GDC 2024

Meet Shieny Aprilia, Agate’s esteemed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), whose visionary leadership propels our company forward in the dynamic world of gaming. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the industry, she guides Agate’s strategic direction and fosters a culture of excellence and innovation. As CEO, she oversees all aspects of Agate’s operations, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the gaming landscape. Under her guidance, Agate continues to thrive, shaping the future of gaming with passion, creativity, and determination.

You can also meet Cipto Adiguno, our Chief of Strategy Officer; the President of Indonesia Game Association (AGI); he nurtures the local gaming industry, channeling his passion through the lens of game development.

He is responsible for identifying and building strategic partnerships and expanding Agate’ market presence. As the bustling halls of Gamescom buzzed with excitement, we aimed to not only showcase its cutting-edge creations but also to forge lasting connections that would shape the future of the gaming landscape under his strategic guidance.

Raissa represents the Art and Full Development services team, who provides end-to-end game development. This encompasses a streamlined workflow, a proficient team offering robust support, and flexibility across diverse art styles and software stacks.

Let’s meet with Raissa to discuss how we can assist you with game-ready 3D art to enhance the visual appeal of your game.

Explore Agate’s services by meeting our team at this event. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email to set up a meeting in advance. We’re looking forward to having a conversation with you!