MEET AGATE AT Hamburg Games Conference 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the Hamburg Games Conference, set for March 5-6 at the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, Germany.

The Hamburg Games Conference, hosted by Gamecity Hamburg, GRAEF Rechtsanwälte, and Super Crowd Entertainment, has been a prominent event for 14 years. Focused on C-Level Business and Investment, the conference presents a two-day onsite event and is set to be one of the pivotal B2B gatherings for the European gaming industry.

The conference centers on discussions about the gaming industry’s evolution and the business landscape. Key topics include exploring the gaming market’s potential, tackling financing challenges for studios, and implementing successful strategies for scaling business models.

Meet Agate’s representative at the Hamburg Games Conference 2024

Ardita is the esteemed representative of our porting team at the Hamburg Games Conference. With a genuine passion for enhancing player experiences and advocating for technological advancements, Ardita collaborates closely with her team to support clients in managing tools and platforms for exceptional player support. Don’t hesitate to connect with Ardita during the event to discuss IP development, including porting services and strategies for seamless game transitions across platforms. Feel free to reach out via email to schedule a meeting and discover how Agate can provide valuable assistance. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you at the conference!