We’re closing our adventure this year by attending in Game Developers Session, held from December 8 to 9 at The Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic.

As the oldest Central European conference devoted to games development, game technologies, business, and marketing, the Game Developers Session holds a special place. We are thrilled about being involved in this event.

Meet Agate’s Representative in the Game Developers Session Prague 2023

Ardita represents our porting team.

She is driven by an earnest desire to contribute to exceptional player experiences, advocating technological advancements that prioritize the intellectual property that businesses can own. She works closely with her expert team to help our clients implement and manage their tools, platforms, and people to deliver excellent player support.

Get in touch with Ardita at the event to discuss IP development, including porting services and strategies to bring games from one platform to another, as well as maintaining relationships with major platform holders.

Explore Agate’s services by meeting our team at this exciting event. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email to set up a meeting. We’re looking forward to having a conversation with you!