We’re thrilled to announce that Agate representatives will be attending this year’s Digital Dragons from May 19th to 21st, 2024, in Kraków, Poland.

Established in 2012, the Digital Dragons stands as one of Europe’s premier B2B events within the global game industry. Organized by Krakow Technology Park, it has various agendas, from conferences, awards, to networking among game producers, venture capital firms, and media. As for the awards, the accolades cover a diverse spectrum of games, spanning from AAA blockbusters to independent and mobile titles. Although its primary emphasis is on recognizing Polish developers, an international developer receives commendation each year.

Meet our representatives who will attend the Digital Dragons 2024:

Cipto Adiguno, Agate’s Chief Strategy Officer and the President of the Indonesia Game Association (AGI) will be available to discuss with you at the event. He’s responsible for making strategic partnerships for Agate. Moreover, his passion for game development led him to contribute to the recent Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 19 of 2024 on the Acceleration of National Game Industry Development. Curious about this regulation? You can discuss it with Cipto.

At Digital Dragons, we will also showcase Agate’s capabilities as a game development partner for your future projects, and we’ll bring along our teams from porting and art services to demonstrate our comprehensive expertise and support for your gaming endeavors.

Head Division of Porting Services, Geofary Arka, will collaborate with you to bring your game to various platforms, from PC to consoles, consoles to mobile, or vice versa. Porting games comes with its own set of challenges, and Arka will help you understand the challenges and how Agate can achieve optimal results by overcoming them. Discuss with Arka to find out the most suitable steps for porting your game in the future.

Meanwhile, our Head Division of Art Services or recently known as Vertx Break powered by Agate, Ar Cahyadi Indra (Adi), will be present to introduce you to the impressive results that our art services team can deliver. Vertx Break powered by Agate is focused on producing 3D Stylized Art, providing services for 3D Character, 3D Equipment & Outfit, 3D Environment Props, and 3D Hard Surface. Adi has a deep understanding of art creation that can enhance the gaming experience for players in your game.

Raissa Alexandra, our Business Development Manager, has vast experience in spotting collaboration opportunities that perfectly match your requirements. One of these opportunities involves enhancing your game’s appeal through game art. Raissa will delve deeper into how Agate’s game art services, including expertise in 3D stylized art, can elevate your gaming experience, providing captivating visuals that resonate with players on various platforms.

Ardita Silvadha Erlangga, our Business Development Manager, knows how to find the best chances for teaming up that fit what you need. One cool chance is to make your game available on more consoles through porting. Ardita will explain more about how Agate’s porting services can make your game awesome on any console.

All of our representatives will engage in discussions with you to find the most suitable solutions for your development needs. Discover more about Agate by scheduling a meeting in advance with us. We look forward to meeting you at the Digital Dragons 2024.