Agate is thrilled to be attending this year’s All That Matters 2023 at Hilton Singapore Orchard, from September 11 – 13 and PocketGamer Connects at Wanha Satama, Pikku Satamakatu 3-5, Helsinki, Finland, from September 12 – 13.

Our team will be available on site and around the event to discuss what we can do for your company through gamification and full-game development services. Let’s meet our representatives:

All That Matters 2023

Andreas currently acts as Business Development Manager of the Full Game Development Services team. With more than a decade of industry experience and a proven track record of fostering strategic partnerships, Andreas has a deep understanding of the industry landscape.

Discussions may encompass customized development solutions, past achievements and collaboration, and how the team’s proficiency harmonizes with clients’ unique visions.

Meet Auliya, our dedicated Product Manager for the Gamification Services Department. With a wealth of experience in gamification strategy and a passion for creating engaging experiences, Auliya leads our team in developing cutting-edge solutions that drive user engagement and business success. Her innovative mindset and commitment to excellence are at the heart of our gamification offerings.

PocketGamer Connects 2023

Ardita represents the porting and own IP publishing team and is driven by a fervent desire to contribute to exceptional player experiences, advocating technological advancements that prioritize the intellectual property that businesses can own. She works closely with her expert team to help our clients implement and manage their tools, platforms, and people to deliver great player support.

Get in touch with Ardita at the event to discuss topics such as:

  • Porting services and strategies to bring games from one platform to another, as well as maintaining relationships with major platform holders
  • Opportunities to work together on our existing IPs, especially our PC & Console games, such as Celestia Chains of Fate, Dreadhaunt, and Tirta.

Discover more about Agate’s Full Development and Gamification service by meeting our team at those exciting events.