Level Up powered by Agate Shares Strategies to Improve Business Performance Through Gamification Adoption

Jakarta, 19 October 2023 – Agate International (“Agate”) through its sub-brand, Level Up powered by Agate, today announced a gamification trend that companies can use to improve business performance. Gamification will make deeper inroads in industries such as education, healthcare, financial services, eCommerce (retail and wholesale), automotive, and telecommunications. The gamification market is projected to grow from USD 9.1 billion in 2020 to USD 30.7 billion in 2025, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 27.4%.1
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Agate Shieny Aprilia said, “In an increasingly connected business world, the decision to adopt gamification is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Gamification is more than just entertainment; it is the key to optimizing market interactions, strengthening brands, and increasing workplace productivity. We also encourage business leaders to rethink their business strategy by adapting to the growing trend.”
Some of the gamification trends that will grow further in 2024 are as follows:
  1. Growth of In-App Gamification
    Gaming elements in non-gaming apps encourage the user’s brain to release dopamine. As a result, users want to interact with gamified apps longer to earn more achievements and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Use of AI to Personalize the Gamification Experience:
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in gamification personalizes the experience through analyzing user data, adapting gameplay in real-time, providing intelligent feedback, generating customized content, offering deep data analysis, and automating management processes, improving engagement and learning outcomes. Usage can be avatar-based gamified Chatbot for marketing and Data-Driven Gamification Corporate Learning Platform.
  3. Virtual Events:
    Gamification in corporate events is one of the most exciting trends as it can incorporate live music to interactive real-time games.
  4. Gamification in Employee Growth:
    Gamification in learning management systems improves student performance by 34.75%, with challenge-based approaches improving results by 89.45%.2 Gamification increases retention by 90% by actively engaging students. Studies show significant improvements in retention periods (50%) and test scores (40%) with social gamification in online education.3 Digital games increase brain efficiency and improve visuospatial skills as well as attention. Other studies have also shown that gaming can improve cognitive skills, memory, and impulse control.

Head of Level Up powered by Agate Junialdi Dwijaputra said, “Level Up powered by Agate has developed a complete solution starting from ‘turn-key’ and ‘custom-gamification’ to help businesses adopt gamification easily. With our experience collaborating with companies in various industry sectors, we create approaches and frameworks so that gamification will be implemented according to business needs.”

In an era where digital innovation is increasingly influencing businesses, Agate introduces the Level Up Gamification Framework, an innovative model that integrates academic theory and practical implementation. The framework is designed to help companies harness the full potential of gamification in brand development and human capital strategy growth.

Level Up Gamification Framework is the result of observing the gaps in existing gamification frameworks. Most existing frameworks lack the technical requirements necessary to support business needs. In contrast, our framework has been designed to fill this gap thus providing a comprehensive and complete solution that can fulfill diverse business needs.

“The framework we have designed is the result of our extensive research to develop a gamification framework that is not only effective but can also be easily adopted by businesses. We understand that every company has different needs, and that is why we are committed to creating solutions that are flexible and customizable. With a focus on both academics and practical applications, our framework is a tool designed to help businesses maximize the potential of gamification in a precise, efficient, and effective way,” continued Junialdi Dwijaputra.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer DEUS Gregory Kurnia said, “As an Agate client who has adopted gamification for my business, we have seen significant improvements in customer engagement, employee productivity, and overall business results. Gamification is not just a trend; it is a solution that delivers real positive impact.”

About Agate Agate is Indonesia’s most prominent technology and game developer company, providing game development, game art, and game porting services to a wide range of clients since 2009. With a vision of becoming an internationally renowned game developer, the company leverages over a decade of experience in the gaming industry. Currently, Agate boasts a strong track record, having served 200++ clients across various countries, developed 50++ games, and received 20++ awards both locally and globally, which strengthens its position as a formidable player in the global gaming market. For more information, please visit https://agate.id/
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