Agate Serves as the Host for Bandung Global Game Jam 2024, Continuing Its Efforts to Nurture Local Game Development Talents

As the host of prestigious global events, Agate is committed to consistently contributing to the enhancement of capabilities among local game development talents.

The Bandung Global Game Jam 2024 located at Agate Headquarter, January 26th-28th, 2024. 

Bandung, January 30th 2024 Agate International (“Agate”), the largest game developer in Indonesia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia, through Agate Academy has partnered with the Game Dev Community Bandung, supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, the Department of Culture and Tourism of West Java Province, the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), Axioo, Pongo, Indigo Telkom, and GU Studio to host the Global Game Jam 2024. The event specifically caters to the Bandung jam site and took place from January 26 to 28, 2024, at Agate Headquarter, Level Up Building, Summarecon Bandung Area, West Java.  

The Global Game Jam is the world’s largest annual game creation event, held simultaneously at over 800 locations worldwide. It involves thousands of game developers collaborating to create games within a 48-hour timeframe. By providing venue facilities, Agate has created an ideal environment for participants to develop creative ideas for games that will be introduced to the public. This initiative is in line with Agate’s commitment to continually support the growth of the local and global gaming industry, particularly by fostering local talents.  

This year, the Global Game Jam embraced the theme “Make Me Laugh,” with the aim of inspiring participants to create gaming experiences that evoke laughter and humor for players. The Global Game Jam in Bandung stands out as the jam site with the highest number of participants in Indonesia, boasting 108 participants forming 23 teams and producing a total of 24 games within the 48-hour timeframe. The games developed during the event will be publicly available, including their source code and assets. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for these games will remain with the respective teams or participants who created them. This event not only celebrates creativity but also fosters collaboration among game development talents. In addition to Bandung, the Global Game Jam is held in various other cities across Indonesia, such as Bogor, Batam, Surabaya, Malang, Medan, Palembang, Solo, and Tangerang. 

Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer Agate, said, “We are committed to consistently contributing by providing a platform for both novice and experienced game developers to collaborate, enhance creativity, and refine their skills in game development. With the conclusion of the Global Game Jam 2024, we believe that new talents and innovative games have emerged. Agate’s participation in this event is one of our ways to contribute to the gaming ecosystem in Indonesia and globally.”  

Barli Achmad Jabbar, Chairman of the Game Dev Community Bandung, stated, “We are excited to see the tremendous enthusiasm, with the number of participants in GGJ Bandung doubling compared to the previous year. We are increasingly motivated to actively collaborate with established studios to facilitate them in honing not only their game development skills but also their business development. We extend our gratitude to all involved, including Agate, which provided facilities for the implementation of GGJ over the past three days.”  

The gaming industry in Indonesia has demonstrated extraordinary growth year after year. Agate, as a key player, continues to reinforce its commitment to supporting the growth and advancement of this industry. Through Agate Academy, the company is devoted to cultivating the skills and knowledge of local game developers, nurturing a more competent generation prepared to compete in an increasingly challenging global market.  

Restya Winda Astari, Head of Agate Academy, added, “At Agate Academy, we recognize the pivotal role of continuous learning in the gaming industry. Global Game Jam provides a unique opportunity for game development talents to refine their skills, engage in innovative projects, and connect with other talents participating in the event. We are thrilled to actively contribute to the growth and development of both the national and global gaming communities.”  

Agate Academy has been attended by over 500 participants enrolled in the Agate Game Course, achieving a success rate exceeding 40%, which surpasses the industry standard for online courses ranging from 5% to 15%. As of the year 2023, Agate Academy has listed more than 2000 alumni, 20 mentors, and 10 hiring partners who have significantly contributed to the talent industry. The Agate Game Course offers 8 courses for participants, including Game Developer 101, Low Poly 3D Modeling & Texturing, Basic 3D Character Animation, 2D Physic-based Game Programming, 3D Physic-based Game Programming, 3D Basic Hardsurface Modeling and Texturing, and AI Game Programming.