Agate Releases ‘BFF Signals’ to Enrich Virtual World Experience in ZEPETO

  • Agate and ZEPETO launched ‘BFF Signal’ in ZEPETO World on 18 November, attracting more than 200,000 visits from 87,500 unique number of players worldwide within less than four weeks since its launch 
  • BFF Signal is currently in the Top 20 chart and remains in the Top 12 in ‘Now Trending World’ on ZEPETO, with the top visiting countries for BFF Signal are Indonesia, the United States, Thailand, France, and Russia 
  • Agate becomes one of ZEPETO’s Global Growth Development Partners 

Bandung, 13 December 2023Agate International (“Agate”), the largest game development company in Indonesia, announces its collaboration with ZEPETO, a 3D avatar creation app and virtual world platform operated by NAVER Z from South Korea. Through the release of ‘BFF Signal’ within its expansive “World” features, the collaboration marks an exciting milestone for both companies in delivering meaningful digital experiences to users. The launch has garnered over 200,000 visits from 87,500 unique number of players globally in less than four weeks. 

Agate and ZEPETO strive to cultivate excitement and build fresh bonds among players through BFF Signal. Currently, the top five countries most visited the ‘World’ are players from Indonesia, the USA, Thailand, France, and Russia. This ‘World’ offers a school-themed setting that spans both outdoor areas (such as buildings, front yards, and backyards) and indoor spaces (including classrooms, hallways, the library, art room, and lobby). It focuses on encouraging player interactions, motivating them to forge connections, and nurturing meaningful relationships. BFF Signal is in the Top 20 chart and remains in the Top 12 in ‘Now Trending World’ on ZEPETO.  

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Agate Shieny Aprilia said, “We are delighted to be collaborating with ZEPETO which has an incredible global community. Through collaboration with ZEPETO, we are committed to bringing immersive experiences to players around the world. This collaboration is an opportunity for Agate to expand our reach, especially among global players.” 

As ZEPETO’s Global Growth Development Partner, Agate also leverages its creativity and technological prowess to contribute high-quality content and innovative concepts to the BFF Signals within ZEPETO’s virtual world platform. Moreover, Agate continually explores inventive features, amplifying the immersive experience of BFF Signals, and setting new benchmarks in virtual world engagement. 

Sehin Son, Developer Relations Manager at ZEPETO said, “We are thrilled to welcome Agate as our Global Growth Development Partner, who can take a creative ownership approach to ZEPETO’s product direction. This inaugural collaboration with Agate is a steppingstone toward our potential collaboration, offering increased interactions and the creation of parallel universes for ZEPETO users.” 

Watch the trailer here