Agate Navigates the 2024 Game Industry Trends, Strengthens Its B2B2C Business and Global Expansion

Envisioning 2024 as a rebound year for the gaming industry, Agate continues to explore the trends both locally and globally, including through the launch of Vertx Break, a sub-brand focused on game-ready high-quality 3D Stylized Art. 

(left to right) Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer Agate, Shieny Aprilia, Co-Founder dan CEO Agate, dan Ar Cahyadi Indra, Head of Vertx Break powered by Agate during Agate Media Outlook 2024 

Bandung, January 16th, 2024 – Agate International (“Agate”), the largest game development company in Indonesia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia, is committed to continually expanding its global business reach as a credible game development partner and a key driver of the gaming industry’s growth in Indonesia. Recognizing the massive potential of the gaming industry on both a local and global scale, along with the growing demand for artistic services in game development, Agate also introduces its new sub-brand, Vertx Break powered by Agate, which focuses on delivering high-quality and game-ready 3D Stylized Art, targeting AA-scale game developers and the European gaming industry.  

Entering 2024, the video game market is projected to reach a revenue of USD 282.30 billion, marking a 13% increase. It is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 8.76% between 2024 and 2027, resulting in a projected market volume of USD 363.2 billion in 2027 ( Additionally, several aspects are predicted to thrive in this industry sector, including the continued dominance of franchise games, the possibility of introduction of new consoles to the market which expected to create numerous opportunities for game developers worldwide and a surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will continue to accelerate the processes of game production and development. (,  

Shieny Aprilia, Co-Founder and CEO of Agate, stated, “We believe that this year will usher in an exciting new chapter for the gaming industry. We are determined to continue innovating and leading change in line with the industry trends, and committed to crafting games that not only entertain but also shape cultural icons and competitive innovators. With the numerous global partnerships we have established, we are confident in our ability to lead the Indonesian gaming industry to thrive on the world stage.”  

This year, Agate focuses on strengthening its B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) business to further enhance its expansion strategy. The first strategy includes the development of representative teams within the American continent–as Agate is currently having 4 representatives in Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Japan. Secondly, Agate leverages its global network in the gaming industry to strengthen the gaming ecosystem in Indonesia, while continuously improving its work quality through three successful Research and Development (R&D) project initiatives. Thirdly, Agate is committed to further developing the skills of local talents and the quality of leadership to accelerate the growth of the gaming industry in the country through Agate Academy.  

Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer at Agate, stated, “We view this year as the rebound year for the gaming industry, resulting in an exceptional opportunity to further enhance Agate’s position as a global game development partner. ​In order to drive these ongoing efforts, we are proud to introduce our new sub-brand, Vertx Break,  a solution to create immersive gaming experiences through high-quality visuals. Through Vertx Break, we aim to diversify our business and continue our focus on global expansion, adding new muscle to Agate’s proven portfolios in the global gaming scenes.”   

Vertx Break powered by Agate is focused on producing 3D Stylized Art, providing services for 3D Character, 3D Equipment & Outfit, 3D Environment Props, and 3D Hard Surface. Vertx Break expands its business through the creative innovation of its talents, combining technical expertise with artistic vision, leveraging Agate’s experience in crafting games using Unreal Engine and Unity. This combination enables Vertx Break powered by Agate to not only be visually attractive, but also ready to be applied to game products as a whole. 

Ar Cahyadi Indra, Head of Vertx Break powered by Agate, added, “We aim to strengthen Agate’s presence in certain game development verticals focusing on servicing game-ready high-quality 3D Stylized Art for AA scale developers, where we will be able to build more relevant conversations with our art outsourcing business strategy. Our unique approach as a game art development partner that is resourceful and adaptable to the needs of 3D Art Development allows our partners to save more time on adjustments and improvements when collaborating with Agate.”  

In the past year, Agate consistently played a role in promoting the local gaming industry, participating in over 35 international events, most of which were held in Europe and America. Additionally, Agate formed new partnerships with five global companies, namely ISKRA, Naver Z (ZEPETO), PQube, Ifland, and Sekuya. Agate also released 14 global projects and initiated 4 exciting game projects, experiencing an increase in 2023 compared to the previous year, solidifying its position as a trusted game developer.  

As the home of talented young game developers in Indonesia, Agate instills values that serve as guidelines for its teams within the company, namely Positivity, Collaboration, Excellence, and Level Up. The hope is that Agate can become a place where various talents, cultures, and backgrounds come together to create an enjoyable experience, while crafting groundbreaking games.