Agate and Sekuya Announce Partnership, Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry through Metaverse Adoption

This partnership will enable the integration of gaming, social interaction, and the metaverse, creating a holistic and interconnected gaming ecosystem

Joshua Budiman, Co-founder & Captain of Sekuya, and Vincentius Hening,
Co-founder & VP of Marketing & Sales of Agate 

Bandung, July 20, 2023 – Agate, a prominent game development company in Indonesia, has announced a strategic partnership with Sekuya, a leading gaming social world company, to transform the gaming industry through metaverse adoption. This collaboration leverages Agate’s game development, game art, porting, and blockchain technology and Sekuya’s gaming social world vision to create a seamless and immersive gaming experience for players worldwide.

Agate is Indonesia’s most prominent game studio, providing game development and gamification services to a wide range of clients since 2009. Agate recently expanded its development services, ranging from full SKU, art, and porting services. With the partnership with Sekuya, Agate aims to apply its game development and blockchain expertise to the gaming industry, unlocking new opportunities and challenges for players.

The partnership between Agate and Sekuya will enable the integration of gaming, social interaction, and the metaverse, creating a holistic and interconnected gaming ecosystem, as suggested by Sekuya’s innovative approach to the metaverse. This integration allows players to enjoy their favorite games, interact with other players in a vibrant social community, and seamlessly enter the immersive metaverse experience. The goal is to blur the boundaries between reality and virtual worlds, offering players a unique and captivating gaming experience.

Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer at Agate said, “We are thrilled to witness the partnership between Agate and Sekuya. We are excited about the prospect of delivering something fun that everyone will soon enjoy. It’s worth noting that Sekuya’s communities have been given utmost priority right from the start, as the project’s success hinges on their active participation and support. Together, we believe in the power of a strong community to make this project a resounding success.”

“We are excited to help Sekuya realize its vision by providing our game development and blockchain technology expertise. This partnership is a great opportunity for us, as we aspire to turn this excellent concept into a reality and offer immersive experiences for players worldwide,” said Vincentius Hening, Co-founder & VP of Marketing & Sales at Agate.   

Agate’s game development and blockchain technology will bring Sekuya’s game character and environment design concept to life in the metaverse and support the development of innovative features for Sekuya’s gaming social world. One notable feature is a marketplace for trading NFTs and phygital items, enabling the players to trade exclusive possessions and enjoy the advantages of possessing rare virtual assets within the gaming universe. This feature will redefine gaming experiences and captivate players around the world.

This partnership marks a milestone in the gaming industry. It sets the stage for the future of gaming, where players can seamlessly transition between gaming and the metaverse, where they can explore, create, and connect in a dynamic and captivating virtual world.

Agate and Sekuya are leading the way in driving metaverse adoption through their innovative approach to gaming. This collaboration will transform the gaming industry and empower players to embark on extraordinary journeys within the gaming social world. The future of gaming has arrived, and players worldwide can anticipate unparalleled experiences in the metaverse.

About Agate

Agate is Indonesia’s most prominent technology and game developer company, providing game development, game art, and game porting services to a wide range of clients since 2009. With a vision of becoming an internationally renowned game developer, the company leverages over a decade of experience in the gaming industry. Currently, Agate boasts a strong track record, having served 200++ clients across various countries, developed 50++ games, and received 20++ awards both locally and globally, which strengthens its position as a formidable player in the global gaming market.

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