Agate and PQube Announce Strategic Collaboration, Kick Starting A New Global Gaming Intellectual Property (IP) in The Making Titled “Project Dead”

Photo (left-right): Adam Ardisasmita, Vice President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI), Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer of Agate dan Iman Santosa, Director of Applications, Games, Television and Radio of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Project Dead” underscores PQube’s confidence in Agate, marking a fresh milestone in their collaborative history in the creation of Intellectual Property (IP) within the global gaming industry.

Jakarta, 13 September 2023 – Agate International (“Agate”), the biggest technology company and game developer in Indonesia, proudly announces the next chapter of its strategic partnership with PQube, an international publisher based in the UK, through a creation of a new Intellectual Property (IP) called “Project Dead”. This new IP in the global gaming industry is designed to provide a deep gaming experience to captivate players worldwide. This project follows the global success of their previous collaborative IP, Valthirian Arc, which has endured in the gaming industry for over a decade and stands as a testament to the solid collaboration between two parties. 

On this occasion, Agate has once again been entrusted by PQube as the main partner in the comprehensive development of the new IP, driven by the success of their previous collaboration and Agate’s capabilities in creating international-scale games. This collaboration is expected to benefit the gaming ecosystem and industry in Indonesia, solidifying its position as the biggest technology and game developer in the country.

Muhammad Neil El Himam, Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Product at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, offered his response regarding the partnership between Agate and PQube, stating, “We are proud to witness this milestone, as the collaboration between these two companies in launching “Project Dead” is a significant step in continuously driving innovation in the gaming industry. Their previous success, Valthirian Arc, is evidence of the tremendous potential that the Indonesian gaming industry possesses. With this partnership, it is hoped that more outstanding games will originate from our country, further strengthening Indonesia’s position in the global gaming industry.”

Cipto Adiguno, Chief Strategy Officer of Agate, stated, “We are thrilled and incredibly proud to announce our ongoing partnership with PQube in “Project Dead”. This project comes to fruition based on the enthusiasm and the global success of Valthirian Arc. We are committed to continuously creating a game that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of gamers worldwide. We hope that gamers are as ecstatic as us and can patiently wait for the birth of “Project Dead”. We are excited to start the journey of this project together with PQube in no time.”

Geraint Evans, Head of Publishing at PQube, said, “At PQube we are continuingly looking for ways to evolve in this ever-changing market. From our beginnings as a distributor, to our current status as a global publisher, we are now looking for the next step in our journey – creating new and exciting IP, diversifying our portfolio and building brands for the future. This is only possible by working with the best partners. Working with Agate over the last decade, we have developed a strong relationship. We continue to be impressed by their international capabilities, innovative approach and dedication to excellence in game development – making them the ideal partner for us on our new IP, codenamed “Project Dead”. We believe this ongoing collaboration will result in a new experience which will captivate and surprise players worldwide.”

“We see the partnership between Agate and PQube to introduce “Project Dead” as evidence of their dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. This collaboration not only showcases Indonesia’s growing influence in the gaming world but also demonstrates the potential of international partnerships in enhancing this industry. Agate also shows that with the sustainability of this collaboration, it can increase the confidence of foreign companies to continue working with Indonesian game developers.” said Adam Ardisasmita, Vice President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI).

The partnership between Agate and PQube not only strengthens Indonesia’s position in the global gaming landscape but also fosters greater trust and collaboration between local and international gaming companies. This sets a precedent for future collaborations and underscores Indonesia’s potential as a hub for creative and innovative game development.