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Lee Marvin

Vice President of Enterprise Business

Lee Marvin

Vice President of Enterprise Business

Lee Marvin is a businessman at heart with a playful spirit that has been with him since his childhood.

He’s one of the lucky few to have managed to turn his hobbies into income – by starting his own online game server as a student. Marvin soon discovered that business can be boiled down to just a numbers game, and he would continue to create a number of other businesses before joining the Agate crew in 2012.

Starting out as Product Manager, Marvin would spearhead a development partnership with Square Enix – a first in the then-nascent Indonesian game industry. He would later take on the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) seat and establish standard operating procedures and growth strategies that would lead Agate through a period of rapid expansion between 2014 and 2019.

His inherent spirit for play would lead him to step down as CFO to take on the growing business of Gamification. Marvin now serves as the Vice President in Agate’s wildly successful gamified solutions business.

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