Fueling Progress: Agate Confident in Leading Gamification Services in Indonesia

”With continuous framework development, market education, and internal improvement, we aim to lead gamification services in Indonesia in 2024”. – Junialdi Dwijaputra, Head of the Level Up powered by Agate.

January marks a period of exciting possibilities for leaders at Agate. Engaging in thorough meetings, our leaders assess the previous year’s achievements and strategically plan objectives for the upcoming year — among them is Junialdi Dwijaputra, Head of Level Up powered by Agate, who has recently been immersed in this strategic planning phase.

About Junialdi

A lifelong learner, who is usually called Jun by his teammates, began his professional journey with a degree in geophysical engineering in the mining field before transitioning into the technology and subsequently, the gaming industry.

Jun starts his role as product manager at Agate, specifically within the gamification division. His duties encompassed designing the product roadmap, identifying and understanding the challenges faced by prospective users, and maintaining ongoing coordination with the game development team.

One of the standout projects he managed is Batique, Indonesia’s First Game Designed for Child Uniqueness Assessment. Far from being merely a “game,” Batique’s assessment questions adhere to standards validated by the Department of Psychology at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Batique revolutionized the perception of assessments from a mundane task to an engaging activity, making it easier for children who were hesitant to engage with psychologists to have a novel assessment experience.

During his tenure as product manager, Jun has shown remarkable resilience, diligence, an intense desire to learn, and superior quality, culminating in his appointment as the Head of Level Up powered by Agate.

Junialdi is here to present the accomplishments of 2023 and establish the expectations for 2024.

Q: Could you tell us the excitement and highlights of 2023?

A: 2023 was full of lessons, opportunities, and achievements. Our primary objective during this period was to revitalize the gamification division. Throughout the year, we embraced the challenge of supporting seven partners from diverse industries, each with unique backgrounds. This required us to stay constantly updated with the evolving business landscapes of these sectors.

Q: Could you tell us about some exciting projects you worked on in 2023?

A: Well, actually, we worked on several interesting projects in 2023, but I’ll tell you about the two projects that left the most significant impression on me.

Junialdi Dwijaputra, Head of the Level Up powered by Agate at the Tech in Asia Conference 2023

First, we rebranded our gamification services with the new title, ‘Level Up Your Business,’ to demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative business solutions through gamification while focusing on global partnerships. Our goal is to enhance business performance using gamification.

The User Interface of Eraversary Pop Quiz

Another remarkable project was developing the Eraversary Pop Quiz game for the 27th Anniversary celebration of Erajaya Group. This project left a lasting impression as the game we created had a significant impact on the success of the partner’s event. When our Pop Quiz was integrated into Erajaya’s platform named Eraspace, we successfully boosted user traffic by over 50%. As a result, our partner gave us a project satisfaction rating of 8/10.

Kudos to all the members of the Level Up powered by Agate team who were involved!

Q: As we move forward into 2024, what are your hopes and goals for this year?

We are highly optimistic that in 2024, we can take the lead in the gamification service industry in Indonesia. This achievement will be realized through the implementation of a research-backed Level Up Framework and market education via the ‘Level Up Your Business’ webinar series. Additionally, we will strengthen strategic partnerships and continuously improve internally for optimal efficiency and value delivery.

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